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Importance Of Damaged Cladding Panels Being Fixed

When cladding panels becomes damaged the protective external coating is no longer able to shield the underlying metal from the weather; therefore the metal becomes vulnerable to corrosion. As a result of this, it is imperative that damaged cladding panels are fixed as quickly as possible.

What damage can my cladding panels experience?

As cladding panels are often situated on the external part of your commercial property they can often be fairly susceptible to a range of damages. Weather damage is obviously the most common form of damage our cladding panels can experience. Unfortunately here in the UK, we are rather prone to differentiating weather conditions from warm hot long summer days to short blistering cold and rainy days.

Sadly, our cladding panels have no escape from the weather. Rain, pollution and even freezing cold weathers can all have a drastic increase in the amount of corrosion we see. It can also cause cladding panels to fade or even coatings to chip. The same goes for the summer weather, during the warmer months our cladding panels can take a considerable hit from UV light. Not only can it cause the panels to fade if you have them coloured but it can also increase flaking and even the rate of deterioration.

Cladding panels are also very susceptible to scuff, scratches and even dents as things pass them. There are also a number of accidents that regularly occur which can also damage your panels, the number of clients we have had to go out to as their cladding panels have been damaged due to delivery trucks accidentally hitting them. Other scuffs and scratches can also occur from regular contacts, such as people walking into entrance doors and pulling things along with them.

Cut Edge Corrosion

Before you get your cladding panels put onto your commercial property, it is always coated with a specific plastic coating which helps prevent it from corroding. When cladding panels have been applied to your commercial property they are often cut down to size or the edges are trimmed to make sure all fits well, the plastic coating is then cut. Unfortunately, it is then not reapplied to the cladding panels, this then leaves the edges of the cladding panels exposed. Once the panel edges are exposed, they are more prone to corrosion.

Unfortunately, cut edge corrosion can have a real effect on the premises. If you have left it too long without any maintenance, your cladding panels can often become so damaged that they are now no longer salvageable. Cladding panels can be extremely expensive to replace, so it is always ideal to stay on top of your maintenance. If you do notice any damage, make sure to book in with a cut edge corrosion treatment specialist.

By having a cut edge corrosion, you can ensure your cladding panels are protected for long periods of time. It is also a great way of preventing cut edge corrosion from occurring in the future. With regular maintenance, you are also less likely to experience further damage, such as leaking or animals choosing your cladding panels to become your home.


Rusting can be a real issue when it comes to your cladding panels; rust usually forms on your panels due to a reaction between oxygen and water. If you leave this untreated, then you may find that your cladding panels become more damaged as the rust eats away at the metal which then results in disintegration.

It can damage not only the aesthetic of your commercial property, but it can also have an effect on the overall structure of the building. There are a number of treatments you can choose from to prevent your cladding panels from deteriorating.

Why you should not leave them too long

When it comes to your cladding panels you will want to keep them in good condition, if not you may find that some of the damage cannot actually be fixed which may require a completed replacement. Now, the reason we always suggest to our client to have regular maintenance is to avoid this from happening. You may think maintenance is a little; however, it is only a fraction of the cost of having to replace them completely.

Not only could it break your bank having to replace the panels but it can also lead to mass disruption in the workplace. When it comes to coatings, we not only ensure minimal disruption to those who work inside and around the commercial building but we also ensure the job is done in an efficient manner. This does not mean we get the job done quickly and rushed but we will ensure the job is completed to a very high standard within a given time frame.

Why consider coatings?

There are a wide range of benefits to on site spraying, which is why we recommend having regular maintenance. When we say regular maintenance we do not mean every year, many of the coatings we apply to your cladding panels come with a long guarantee such as our 25-year guarantee.

When your cladding panels are exposed to the elements which have taken their toll on the appearance, coatings can ensure your cladding panels look brand new. If you are looking to have a little change around your commercial premises, you should also consider on site spraying as there are a range of colours to choose from, and if there is a specific colour you would like, we have an in-house colour matching team who can work with you to create the perfect colour.

Coatings also increase the overall lifespan of your cladding panels, meaning if you do have them coated you probably will not need to see us for a while. The reason these coatings work so well is that they are made up of specialist material which ensures your cladding panels remain robust and durable. All of the damage which may occur over time is less likely to happen such as cut edge corrosion, corrosion in general and any holes that may be created.

Why Our On Site Coatings?

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