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What To Look Out For In A Coatings Contractor

When it comes to looking for any kind of contractor, there are a couple of things you are going to want to look out for. It can be very easy in this day and age to be scammed by those who have no intention of working for you but only wish to take your money, or who will get the job done but extremely poorly.

Finding the right coatings contractor is imperative as jobs are on a large scale and can take a considerable amount of time. So you want whoever is on site to be someone you trust and know will get the job done to a high standard.

A guide to finding the right coatings contractor

Finding a contractor can sometimes be a tricky task, especially if you do not know who you are looking for. We always recommend starting off by doing some good bit of research. Take the time to find a couple of contractors who are able to provide you with a range of quotes and details about the work they are going to undertake. If you know anyone else that has used the contractor before and can vouch for them, then this is a good indication that their work will be of a good standard and you will not have to worry about any projects you give them.


Communication is key in any business, so if a contractor wants your work, they will ensure your communication is met within a timely manner. Those who have legitimate businesses will work hard to win your business and will ensure you are put at the forefront, for example, getting back to you about any questions you have or even going beyond that and helping you with decisions and even offer you a great deal of advice.

Rogue or bad coating contractors will usually demonstrate no or even little communication during the early stages of your project. Even if they start off well, they need to maintain communication throughout the project, if there are any updates to be made or even progression throughout the project. We always believe as a client you should never be chasing your contractor, they should be informing you along the way.


Any well trained and qualified contractor will have a breadth of knowledge, so when it comes to asking questions they should be able to tell you more or less straight away, or if unable find the information out for you later. They will often have a considerable understanding and will be able also to provide you with a range of information regarding your project. If you are a little unsure on one of the contractors you have asked for quotes from, ask them a couple of questions regarding the project as this will be a good indication as to whether they are worth going with. If they are able to tell you how the work will commence, provide you with a solid timeline and also give you any advice along the way, then they are probably worth going with. However, if someone is trying to fob you off with unsecure timings and a bunch of waffle instead of directly answering you, then we highly recommend not going with them.


Always get a wide range of on site spraying quotes, you want to ensure you are not being overcharged, but you will also want to check the price of the service across the board. If a contractor is providing estimates which significantly lower then competitors then more likely than not the price is too good to be true.

Make sure your quotes are not only verbal, if someone can provide you with a solid written quote with the breakdown of the work you are paying for then we recommend choosing them over someone who is giving you a verbal cost. The issue with a non-written quote is that they can change at any time, and you may also find that there are a number of hidden costs which may come up later down the line.

Reviews and references

As we said earlier, it is always about researching contractors you want to use. If you can get recommendations from people you know or other business owners then this will save you a considerable amount of hassle trying to look for a contractor. If you do find someone online make sure to read any reviews that have been made, ask the contractor for a project they have worked on before for reference so you can see their work.

We would always say do not get a new business mixed with a rogue contractor, someone who states they have no evidence of work is someone you do not want to use. However, if someone is new in the industry then look at their personal experience or even where they have worked.

If the contractor you are going to hire has a legitimate business, then take a look on review sites such as Trustpilot for honest and real reviews.

Payment methods

If anyone wants to take payment before they have completed any work then that are often going to be a rogue contractor. You would never pay for an item of clothing without seeing it first. So, the same goes for a coatings contractor. A coating project is exactly the cheapest of maintenance or improvement to your business. Therefore you should never be fooled into paying for this service upfront.

Why take the time to look for a good coating contractor?

While replacing your cladding panels can be an expensive option, coatings can save you a considerable amount of money. However, you could also be spending more money then you need to be, by going with the wrong contractor.

Always take the time to research cladding coating contractors before going with one, get a number of quotes so you can get a good indication of price. It will often show you who may be offering their services too cheap for your liking. Always ask for pictures of previous work, so you can get a good idea of the standard of work they provide.

Make sure you receive a clear plan of where the money you are spending is going and what is being done. Anyone that asks for payment upfront, you should stay well clear of as this is often a good sign the person is trying to scam you.

After finding the right contractor you will most likely want to keep the builder you have found, we recommend taking a read of Homebuilding & Renovating for information on how you can retain a good contractor.

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