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External Facade Problems and Treatments

A facade is often the front part of the building which faces out onto the open street or land. They can be designed in a range of ways to make your commercial property look more aesthetically pleasing along with being extremely unique, depending on what you are looking for, your facade can have a great deal of influence on a person’s perception of your building.

Here we run through a range of external facade options along with the problems you may face and also a variety of treatments you can use to prolong the life of your facade and improve its overall appearance.

External Facade Designs

There is a wide selection of materials you can use to help create the perfect external facade. Concrete, aluminium, glass, stainless steel and copper are some of the most commonly used materials. All of which are perfect for creating unique designs and giving your commercial property a new lease of life.

There are some gorgeous facades around the world, all of which portray strong individuality. Facades are not only limited to large commercial properties, but there are also now a number of schools and shops that are now choosing to give their buildings a little something different with a facade.


What Facade Damage Can I Experience?

When it comes to your commercial property the exterior of your building is not always on the top of the list when it comes to damage or maintenance. The facade on your commercial property is possibly one of the most exposed parts of the building, which means it can be dramatically affected by the good old British weather. Here in the UK, we experience a vast range of different weather conditions, all of which can affect the appearance and strength of our commercial buildings.

Weather plays a massive part in how durable your commercial property is, and without the right treatments, you may find over time your commercial building starts to cost you an arm and a leg to fix. It may also come as a shock, but it isn’t just rain that can have an effect on your building facade, the wind can have a dramatic impact on how well your commercial facade stands and whether it will hold against the test of time.


Condensation is a real issue which we also often do not think about, and it is a rather common problem here in the UK. As we often tend to have a lot of cold weather, we also use a significant amount of insulation in our building design. If the facade is not working the way it should, it can sometimes cause internal condensation which can lead to rusting and corrosion of the panels.

Without the right insulation you can also encounter a range of other problems, once the metal or framework starts to corrode, your commercial property could be more liable to leaks. Unfortunately, leaks are most likely your worst nightmare. It can often take time to understand where the leak is coming from and how you can fix it. Before you have even found out where the leak started, it has already often created a vast amount of damage.


During the summer months, our commercial building is exposed to a large amount of UV Lighting which can have a real effect on the colour of your facade. With large numbers of UV light and longer days, our facades can quickly discolour if there is not any regular maintenance.

Air pollution can also affect the colour of your facade. Not in the same way UV light does, air pollution can often leave a lot of soot, dirt and grime on the exterior of your commercial building. As a part of the building which does not have regular cleaning, it can build up, which causes damage once it is removed as it can strip the original coating.

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How to treat external facade problems

To ensure your commercial building is in good condition you may want to consider a few of these treatments. Many of them do not have to be done every year and will more likely than not come with a long guarantee, so you can ensure your commercial property is looking in tip-top condition all of the time. Cleaning of your commercial property is also an important aspect of your maintenance plan, and is something you should definitely be thinking about. While cleaning may not be at the top of your agenda, you should always consider it before you think about having any coatings. Cleaning makes sure your commercial property always looks presentable, and makes it less likely to become damaged from a build-up of dirt and grime.

Cladding Cleaning

You may not often think about cleaning the exterior of your commercial property, but it can do wonders to your facade and individual cladding panels. CJ Paint Spraying offers commercial cladding cleaning services because we understand how important it is to not only protect the exterior of your building but also to provide it with the constant aesthetic appeal.

There are a number of different methods used depending on how dirty your commercial building may be. Jet washes are used to increase the chances of thick dirt and grime being removed. If you are situated in a location where your commercial property has a significant amount of algae, then we will use a steam jet, which produces a lot of heat along with water to ensure all of the dirt and algae is removed. Blast cleaning can also be used on commercial properties where there is potentially a vast amount of dirt and grime, which is slightly more stubborn to come away. It uses a method of cleaning which blasts off abrasive materials at high speed to remove all of the dirt.

Facade Coatings

As your facade is often the centre point of your property, you want it to look its best all of the time. Having facade coating services means you can ensure your commercial property is not only going to be looking fantastic, but you can also dramatically increase the lifespan of your facade; meaning that you will not have to replace any of it in the future. By applying coatings it is a much more cost effective way of repairing any damage and improving the lifespan.

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Cut Edge Corrosion

Much like any form of cladding panels, your facade can experience cut edge corrosions. This can sometimes be more prominent in facades which have unique and quirky designs.

Cut edge corrosion occurs when a cladding panel has been cut to size. When the cladding is first made it is covered in a protective plastic coating which helps with corrosion. However, when they are cut to fit your commercial property the plastic coating is torn and never reapplied. Which means the metal is then exposed leaving it open to corrosion and endless amounts of damage. Cut edge corrosion treatments are a great way of preventing this from happening in the future and can also help your panels if it is already starting to occur.

Facades From Around The World

We have taken a quick look at some of the most significant and fascinating facades from around the world. You can see from some of our choices, that a facade can really add and make a building. Getting your commercial property facade right is extremely important. Here you can see how these amazing buildings have got theirs just right.

United Cargo, Sydney

United Cargo have created one of the most gorgeous facades on their property. The facade is made from a range of tesselation patterns which have been cut from aluminium panels. The design was inspired by dynamism which helps characterise the transport company.

As an aluminium facade, there are a couple of issues you may come across over time. Without the right treatment, aluminium can often become tarnished, which makes it more prone to corrosion especially cut edge corrosion. If you have an aluminium facade, you may want to schedule in a routine survey every so often to check whether the materials are still in good condition. If they start to discolour or look slightly tired, it may be worth booking in for facade coating or cut edge corrosion treatments.

united cargo
Photo Credit To E-Architect

Shanghai, Theatre

Inspired by some of the most traditional Chinese theatres, the building is a three-story theatre covered in a bronze tubing facade. The tubes are hung in three layers to give a transparent screen in front of large balconies which allow people to walk around the building within the bronze pipes. The entire building is covered in bronze metal work to exude a luxurious vibe.

Photo Credit To Dezeen

University, England

The facade on this university has been made out of anodised aluminium. Its chosen design was to somewhat replicate the neighbouring church and to help with the contrast of old and new building design. As the students that study within this building are often architects and other forms of building design students, the university felt it was only appropriate that the school be a building of perfection and individuality.

Anodised aluminium is another material which may need a little extra love and care. With the effects of acid rain can cause pitting in the material which makes it more prone to damage and corrosion. To ensure this doesn’t happen you may want to book in for coatings once the facade is fitted to ensure protection. If you already have the facade on the commercial property, then you may want to consider booking in for a facade coating. The great thing about facade coatings from CJ Paint Spraying is we offer a guarantee. Once you have booked in with a dedicated member of our team feel free to ask what guarantee is available for your specific coating.

Photo Credit To Contemporist.

The Shard, London

The Shard in London is an unforgettable sight, standing at 306 meters in height, you most definitely will not miss it. The building is formed of blue glass cladding which has been built to provide the building with a beautiful facade. The glass has been used to assist in the reflection of the sky, clouds and the gorgeous sunlight it often receives. During summer days it often looks like a shard of glass shimmering on the London skyline.

When The Shard was built, it was constructed in the most unusual way. The first 23 stories of the building had been constructed before the basement. The 72 other stories were then built and fully excavated.

the shard

Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik

The Harpa Concert Hall was inspired by nature and was cultivated from the region’s local basalt formations. The building uses its glass facade to capture natural light and reflect from the property. The building has been situated right on the edge of the land, so it captivates the land, the sea and the sky. It is also a twelve-sided space filling geometric modular system. More than 100 class bricks had been used to ensure the correct composition of lighting had been met.

Photo Credit To Flickr


A facade on your commercial property can provide you with a gorgeous, unique design which can often help showcase what type of business you are to your client, customers and visitors. Keeping the exterior of your commercial property in tip-top condition is paramount as it is often the first part of your building people see. You want to give your customers and clients a good lasting impression. So, ensure your building looks fantastic all year round with the right treatments.

Cleaning and coatings should be on your commercial property maintenance list, not only do they help with ensuring your building is always gleaming but they also provide materials with durability. Coatings can mean rather than having to replace the materials later down the line causing unnecessary expensive; you can keep the materials you have, as the coating provides a long-lasting protection. Cleaning is also something to think about, you do not necessarily have to have it booked in every year, but if you do find the exterior of your building is starting to become a little dull then make sure to book in with us here at CJ Paint Spraying.

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