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Office Curtain Wall

Why Would Your Business Need A Custom Curtain Wall?

Curtain walling systems are an outer layer of a building, made of lightweight materials and capable of achieving a lifespan of approximately 10-15 years. To guarantee the longevity of curtain walling, the system will require an appropriate protective coating to prevent deterioration. Coating spraying is excellent for resisting environmental degradation and can withstand adverse weather conditions meaning it can serve its purpose without regular maintenance or cleaning.

One of the main benefits of curtain walling is to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance of buildings. Curtain walling is exceptionally flexible and can be a great resource for an architect who is beginning the process of designing a building to positively reflect your business. There is also the option to create a custom curtain wall, utilising the array of colours and textures available.

What To Consider When Designing A Custom Curtain Wall

As a reputable business, first impressions are vital. The first insight a potential new employee, client or simply someone passing by will have into your business is the exterior of your building. Spending time improving the colour, style and overall aesthetics of your commercial property will strengthen how your business reflects towards the public.

Completely changing the exterior of your building can become an extremely costly process, which means that it is imperative to consider any factor that may work towards reducing costs. The overall budget will vary depending on how the original curtain walling was fitted, and whether a powder coating was applied. Powder coatings, unfortunately, are known to have a strong tendency to deteriorate quicker before serving its purpose, so always keep this in mind.

Curtain walling, on the other hand, is a cost-effective alternative to revamping your property, without compromising on quality. With this in mind, we have devised a full guide to the benefits custom curtain walling can have on your business.

Designed To Fit Any Structure

There are no limitations in the design you can achieve through custom curtain walling as the system can be designed to fit any structure. If a building has curves, a curtain-walling fitting can be made to measure every contour. Due to its lightweight features, materials can be moulded with ease to create a personalised finish.

Promotes Energy Efficiency

Glass curtain walling is commonly paired with an aluminium frame, which together proves high thermal performance and an airtight fit. It almost creates a greenhouse effect, capable of insulating the building without overheating during the Summer months.

The airtight fit becomes incredibly beneficial in sealing all warm air into the building when outside temperatures drop, meaning that no heat energy is lost. During the Winter, employees will not be able to feel any cold breezes and will not have to increase the heating to counteract the heat loss, ultimately reducing energy bills. The glass and aluminium combination also serves the same purpose during warmer months when you hope to trap all cool air in the building and avoid the muggy, warm air from entering.

By introducing glass, you will also be opening up the amount of natural sunlight in the office, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Natural lighting becomes increasingly beneficial for both the business’ pocket and employee productivity. Excluding the need for artificial lighting throughout the day will dramatically reduce electricity bills.

Natural lighting comes alongside many different health benefits, both physically and mentally. It is thought that being exposed to natural lighting throughout the day while working will help employees to have an extra 46 minutes of sleep a night. Using sunlight to your advantage will also help to improve mood and reduce stress, which together, encourages an increase in productivity. Keeping happy, healthy employees is key for promoting business growth and helps to achieve goals. For more information on why natural light matters in the workplace, take a look at Eco Business.

As a whole, almost every curtain walling option will contribute towards achieving a more eco-friendly workplace making it an easy task to meet the energy efficiency requirements set by regulators.

Different Types Available

The type of curtain walling your building will qualify for depends on the overall size and shape of the structure. Stick curtain walling systems and unitised curtain walling systems are available and come alongside different features to help to achieve maximum results.

If you have an intricately shaped building with many different contours, stick curtain walling would be the best option. Stick curtain walling is formed of several different components which are assembled one by one to perfectly fit the structure. Due to the tedious skills required for stick curtain walling, better results are achieved on a low-rise building where every section can easily be accessed.

Unitised curtain walling, on the other hand, would be ideal for those who have a simple shaped building that will only require basic panels. During the manufacturing process, unitised curtain walling is fully assembled and is fitted as one single unit rather than individual components which are assembled one by one.

Weather Resistant

Curtain walling is one of the main defences against weathering on a building if they have been adequately sprayed with a protective coating. Without the coating, the surface can begin to suffer slight fading due to direct contact with adverse weather conditions such as rain and wind. Faded colouring can downgrade the overall look of your building, which means that it is important to schedule in curtain walling respraying as soon as you notice a difference.

One of the main materials used for curtain walling, as mentioned previously, is aluminium. Aluminium is lightweight and durable meaning it can take a great deal of punishment from severe weather conditions. The material can withstand all weather conditions without eroding, helping it to last for a long period of time in immaculate condition. Not only will you exclude the worry of rust damage, but aluminium curtain walling is also a fantastic cost-effective material that can be recycled when it has reached the end of its lifespan.

Minimal Maintenance Required

Maintenance tasks do require a considerable amount of time and money, often more than the initial fitting. When making commercial building renovations, it is crucial to research alternatives which can be equally as effective; however, do not demand constant maintenance. Curtain walling, if regularly resprayed, will not need any other form of maintenance to ensure that it remains in presentable condition. During a respray, the paint used will include specialist ingredients that add a protective layer to improve the lifespan of the curtain walling.

Interior Curtain Walling Available

Not only is curtain walling ideal for adding a layer to the exterior of the building, but also for segmenting rooms internally and creating partitions in specific areas of the workplace. If you are considering restructuring the interior of your office, then curtain walling would be the perfect, low-cost solution rather than completely rebuilding the space. Curtain walling is an inexpensive option able to change the style and layout of a room of any shape and size.

All frames used during interior curtain walling will be made using aluminium to guarantee a sturdy, durable structure for the foundation. The frames can then be filled with the material of your choice, whether this may be glass, metal or even thin stone; creating a modernised, bespoke finish.

Rebranding Made Easy

As the years go by, styles change, which means that you may need to begin considering rebranding your business or simply give your curtain walling a new lease of life. Rebranding your business is a great way to draw attention to your company, make you stand out from the crowd and get your customer or clients talking about you again. Curtain walling respraying is a quick and easy method to customise your building as not only does it improve and update corporate image, but also makes the property more aesthetically appealing.

There is the necessary preparation that will need to go into respraying curtain walling, such as priming the walling before it can be painted. Additionally, you will need someone with expertise in this field with curtain wall spraying services.

Fire Safety Features

It may surprise you, but curtain walling is a highly effective safety feature for many buildings as it works towards slowing down the process of fire spreading. This is because the curtain walling forms a barrier between different floors, preventing the fire, along with heat from transferring to the floor above or below. For maximum fire protection, we suggest opting for glass curtain walling as the material is capable of withstanding high-pressure heat and the force of the fire for longer. Of course, in the event of a fire, all individuals inside the building must be evacuated as soon as possible. Curtain walling will help towards protecting escape routes and exits, so everyone can get out of the building safely and in minimal time.

For more information on building fire regulations take a look at GOV.UK.

Use Custom Curtain Walling To Your Advantage!

Besides looking aesthetically pleasing, you would be surprised just how much curtain walling can protect a building. It prevents wind from entering the internal infrastructure, also improves the overall structure preventing the building from swaying in high winds. Curtain walling is designed to prevent water from entering and will remain waterproof as long as maintained; it is important to have the seals checked to improve its watertight features.

If using glass as part of curtain walling, you will find your business reaps a range of benefits; the building can be internally heated through the natural light. It also traps air within the structure, which can warm at a quicker rate. All these benefits will add to the building becoming much more energy efficient.

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