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What Work Can Be Done To My Car Garage?

First impressions matter, and although it can be tricky to maintain an immaculate appearance at all times, it is vital to create a positive impact on potential customers from the moment they arrive at your car dealership. A car, no matter the make or model, is a significant investment, which means that building trust and reliability is critical.

Across the United Kingdom, car garages are consistently renovating their interior not only to comply with the manufacturer’s requests but also to make a lasting impression on customers. The interior of your premises will be one of the first things that your customers will come across, so you want to guarantee that it will remain looking as fresh and new as possible.

With thousands of car garage options across the nation, the thought of a complete renovation can be somewhat daunting and closing your business for a period of time to carry out works is rarely an option. Luckily, there are a plethora of different smaller, yet incredibly effective works that you can carry out that will prove hugely beneficial. To give you a head start on ideas, we’ve devised a list of easy tasks to answer the question, “What Work Can Be Done To My Car Garage?”

What Work Can Transform My Car Garage?

Whether your car showroom is solely owned or is part of a national brand is the main contributing factor towards how creative you can become with renovations. Those who are members of a popular brand such as Mercedes Benz or Audi may be more limited and have to stick to a certain interior theme to maintain branding. However, there are still multiple jobs you can plan, which will help to keep your building looking brand new.

For those considering larger renovations, Winter often proves to be the best time of year as not only is it commonly a quieter period, but you can also make the most out of the colder weather. During the Summer, the warm air makes it considerably harder to carry things such as print works.

Don’t forget to keep in mind customer experience and the overall theme that you want customers to feel. If your vehicles are filled with high-quality technology, then it would be highly recommended also to give your interior a modernised, contemporary appearance. High-end, modern car garages are often surrounded by full-length windows and a simple black and white colour theme for a spacious, airy feel.

If you’re searching for renovation and maintenance ideas to transform your garage, take a look at our top six tips, including both small and larger options.

1. Jet Washing

It is almost impossible to stop your building from going through its fair share of wear and tear, especially when taking into consideration the ever changing weather we experience in the UK. In many cases, the main reason as to why your exterior begins to look a little tired is a build-up of dirt and debris. Again, something that you, unfortunately, cannot control particularly if you are located next to a busy main road or motorway. Nevertheless, dirt and debris can be easily removed through jet washing.

Jet washing allows you to clean any dust or grime away thoroughly; you might have stubborn dirt that won’t move if you are to wash it yourself. If you leave contaminants such as salt, dirt and melting snow on the exterior of your building, it can have damaging effects to the paintwork, risking its longevity. Although jet washing can be done independently using hand-held equipment from retailers such as Screwfix, it is considerably easier to enlist the help of a professional as they will have the correct, high-tech equipment to get the job done quickly and at a high standard. Jet washing your building is a fast and efficient way of removing dirt. A professional will also take into consideration your paintwork and will ensure that they do not cause any damage.

2. Roofing

The harsh British Winters can cause a dampening effect on a lot of buildings in more ways that one. Heavy rain tends to be one of the most common weather conditions which means that when water is continually running off of roofing panels, there can sometimes be damage that you might not be able to fix yourself. It is vital to ensure that you carry out adequate roof maintenance as frequently as possible to avoid a larger, potentially dangerous problem from brewing.

One of the most significant issues that come alongside poorly maintained roofing is loose tiles or panels failing to grip and falling onto the brand new cars parked on the forecourt of your showroom. Not only will this result in a whole roof replacement, but also potentially thousands of pounds worth of car repairs.

You might also want to consider having your roof coatings reapplied as it can increase the roof life even for some of the most aged roof coatings. By having your roof panelling repaired and roof coatings resprayed you can also make your dealership more efficient. It can reduce the amount of lost energy through heating and electricity.

3. Asbestos Cleaning

Asbestos is made up of small fibres and cannot be detected easily. In the past, Asbestos was one of the primary materials used in commercial buildings for anything from installation and roofing to ceiling and wall spraying. However, as from the year 2000, the use of Asbestos was banned in the UK due to the ever-growing health risk that it posed to humans who came into contact with the fibres. This means that if your car dealership is located in an older building, it is more than likely that Asbestos would have been used.

Asbestos can create very harmful lasting effects to anyone in close vicinity and long periods of time. If it becomes airborne, it can be easily inhaled and can lodge in soft tissue. Often asbestos-related illnesses are undetected until years later. Asbestos can start to damage your lungs, eventually causing health issues such as non-malignant pleural disease and scarring of the tissue.

As a business owner, it is your duty to ensure all asbestos cleaning is maintained. There are a number of different ways to reduce the risk of asbestos such as having a special coating applied to reduce the risk. You can also have asbestos cleaners come in and clean the place down before moving into a new building. If you would like more information on asbestos and asbestos regulations, click here. If you do need asbestos cleaning services, please take a look at Scan Cross.

4. Outside Respray

Many factors will affect the exterior paintwork of your building. If you haven’t had the exterior resprayed you will find that sunlight or UV damage can make the paintwork look dull. UV quickly begins to break down the paintwork and can cause flaking or fading, which not only looks aesthetically unappealing, can also start to impact the durability of your building.

Acidic rain and adverse weather can also be a cause of exterior damage. Consistent rainfall can contribute to an increase in pH levels in rainwater, when persistently on cladding it can cause corrosion and damage. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have it jet washed and resprayed.

5. Rebranding

There are many different reasons as to why you may want to consider branding your company image. For independent dealerships, you will have considerably more leeway in terms of how innovative you can become as it is only your branch that will be impacted. You will not need to create multiple separate plans to ensure that all branches following a constant theme and compliment each other.

Rebranding can do your business a number of favours if you wish to reposition yourself in the market, change markets completely, become an international brand or have a bad reputation. Rebranding can instantly improve your brand identity, and sometimes is a necessity to the success of your business. It will require both internal, external and digital renovations, so will need a lot of planning and preparations.

For a useful infographic on the rules for rebranding, take a look at the Entrepreneur website.

6. Weatherproofing

Ever wondered where the leak is coming from? CJ Paint Spraying can provide you with complete weatherproofing, ensuring that all areas of your building are completely protected from any adverse weather conditions. If you are an exposed building with not much around you, you might be more susceptible to weather damage, with high winds and heavy rainfall, unfortunately, these are not things we can always prevent. Car dealerships need to maintain their weatherproofing, with expensive cars inside you don’t want to create more damage. Otherwise, this could be increasingly more expensive than initial repairs.

Revamp Your Car Garage Today!

We always recommend that you never leave anything to the last minute. Often we have calls from a client who may have left something slightly too long, and the damage is already done. There are a number of different services we offer which can not only improve the aesthetic of your building but also prevent any damage from going any further. If you are thinking of rebranding, you might want to look at colour matching to a new logo or other branding colours. Onsite spraying is a great way to improve the exterior and the impression you have on your clients.

We always recommend that you maintain any asbestos cleaning and treatment. While it may not be evident to the naked eye, you wouldn’t want any of your employees at risk of contracting asbestos-related illnesses later on in life.

We hope this article helped in finding out different work you can have done to your car garage. If you liked this article feel free to share on social media!

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