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What Makes Your Business Unique?

In a world where you are constantly surrounded by new technology, with concepts and services promising to make your lifestyle that little more straightforward, introducing a new business to your target audience can be somewhat tricky. We are a nation of creature comfort lovers, who would prefer to travel a few additional miles or pay a little extra for a service or product that we are familiar with, as opposed to trying something new. So, as a new business entering the scene, how can you create a positive impression to subtly persuade your target audience to invest their time and money into you over your competitors? How will you ensure that you immediately stand out from the crowd? And most importantly, what makes your business unique?

What Makes Your Business Unique? – A Guide To Winning Over Clients & Customers

It was once thought that building an eye-catching, informative website filled with attractive photos and rich content was the secret towards winning business over your competitors. However, with over 600 million sites now live on the internet, it has now become a little more than just getting your name out there to the world. As a business owner, it is now your responsibility to create and maintain an innovative, honest and up-to-date company that provides not only an exceptional level of quality, but also an overall enhanced customer or client experience. Your business name must imprint in the minds of your most valuable clients and customers – but, how can this be achieved?

Target Audience

Defining your target audience is the first step towards building a unique, recognisable business. If you try to serve absolutely everyone and fail to pinpoint a narrow niche, then, unfortunately, you will begin the automatic road to failure. You need to be specific about the target audience you will focus on, along with how you will get your message across to them and eventually, win them over.

Begin with analysing your competitors. Rather than trying to replicate both their target audience and technique, again, think ‘niche’. Is there a quirky market that they are overlooking and how could you use this to your advantage?

Target audiences are based on two main categories, demographics and psychographics. Demographics relate to the personal traits of your customer that, the majority of the time, cannot be altered such as their age, location, gender and occupation. Whereas, psychographics are more the characteristics of an individual including factors like their hobbies, interests and behaviour.

For more information on how to determine your target market, we suggest taking a looking at this incredibly helpful article on Inc.

Guarantees and Offers

No one can deny that they are more drawn towards a business who is willing to reward you for using their services or purchasing an item of their stock. Opting to provide ongoing offers and discounts, even if it is merely a small saving, is a fantastic tool to engage new customers along with building loyalty with those who are existing.

If your business is in, for example, the construction industry, then it becomes imperative to build strong working relationships with corporate clients – offering guarantees is an excellent way of achieving this. Clients are considerably more likely to go ahead with work on their commercial building if they are given the peace of mind of a guarantee if anything was to go wrong in the future. It shows complete confidence in the quality, durability and reliability of your work. This is precisely why, at CJ Paint Spraying, we opt for providing all clients with a 25-year guarantee on all onsite spraying services – it most definitely has worked towards our advantage.

Marketing Strategies

The only way to guarantee success, particularly as a new business beginning to build their reputation, is to construct a detailed marketing strategy. You must devise ways in which you plan to convey not only your message but what makes you unique from your competitors.

Due to the constant evolution of technology and tools available to business owners, there are now a plethora of different channels that can be used to get your marketing message across. While traditional marketing materials such as leaflets, business cards and newspaper articles all remain effective, your most useful tool will be the power of the internet. It is essential to ensure that your website is sufficiently optimised for SEO, your social media channels are active, and you have implemented an advertising plan; whether this may be television, radio or sponsored social posts. Foundr has put together a useful introduction on how to build a profitable marketing strategy, so is worth taking a look if you’re hoping for more tips!


First impressions count. It is true when industry experts confess that, often, clients or customers would have already formed an opinion of your business before they even begin to investigate further. With this in mind, it is imperative to do everything in your power to guarantee that the initial impression formed is positive.

The term’ branding’ is rather broad and covers a number of different topics. The business logo, colour theme, building exterior and overall message all work together to form unique branding to represent your company. When forming your ‘business brand’, it is important to take into consideration how you will personalise each aspect to help you to stand out from the crowd. Avoid using well-known shapes and colour schemes as, unfortunately, you will always be seen as the company who is trying to impersonate a global brand. For example, you want to avoid using the trademark Cadbury’s purple or lettering similar to the Coca-Cola logo. Instead, think outside of the box and begin to build your own personality traits.

Those who operate in a physical store or property need also to ensure that their building flows with business branding. When visiting your premises for the first time, new clients and customers use your property as an initial insight into what you have to offer. A building that is outdated or beginning to show physical signs of deterioration will portray the impression that your company is somewhat careless and cannot remain up-to-date.

It is understandable that when running a business, any form of repairs or construction work can have an impact on daily trade, which means it is vital to find a solution that causes as little disruption as possible. Opting to enlist a professional spraying company to revamp your store using shop front coatings or renovate the interior of your office using in-house coatings is the ideal resolution. Adding a fresh layer of paint not only brings life back to your commercial property but is also perfect if you are hoping to rebrand.

Industry Knowledge

A business that goes the extra mile to provide care, support and advice to their clients or customers is a business that succeeds. The more that you communicate with your target audience, the more likely that you will imprint in their memory, and become their first port of call when they are in need of a service or product in your industry. As mentioned at the very beginning of our article, Britain is a nation of creature comfort lovers, which means that once you have built their trust, they will continue to return to your business. While this may work against you in the initial stages of building your brand, it most definitely works towards your advantage as you continue to grow and strengthen.

One of the best ways to build a connection with clients and customers is through filling your website with content rich articles sharing your industry knowledge. Whether you opt for filling your site with handy tips and tricks, latest news or simply sharing your expertise, we can guarantee that your users will thank you. All new articles published should also be shared on your social media channels to increase engagement, visits to your sites and most importantly, conversions.

Not only are articles beneficial for the website users, but also for your Google ranking. Google cleverly rewards websites based on their ability to update their site with rich content on a regular basis; therefore, boosts your ranking organically. Ultimately, the higher you rank on Google, the more likely you are to be seen by your target audience.

For more information on how blogging benefits your business, take a look at HubSpot.


While your business may be unique and stand out from the crowd now, there is always going to be new, fresh businesses promising to offer the same as you coming onto the scene. It becomes incredibly easy to become outdated and slowly begin to blend into the background – this means that innovation is key.

You can never reinvent your business too many times. By reinvent, we do not necessarily mean update branding, instead adopt new processes and incorporate emerging technology that will help your business to continue to strive. Always try to find new, quirky ways that are able to improve your customer service, client relationship and overall business success. This way, you will always stay just that one step ahead of the game.

Stand Out From Your Competitors!

Every business wants to win over their clients or customers and reach the top spot in their industry, but, unfortunately, this doesn’t happen overnight. Making your business stand out from the crowd can prove somewhat tricky and will be a time-consuming task, but we can promise that through putting in hard work in the initial stages, you will reap the rewards later on down the line. Following our top tips, playing on your strengths and working on your weaknesses will push your business to the top of the market!

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