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Is Your Property Ready For Winter?

Autumn is here in the UK and that means winter isn’t far behind. Our weather in this country can be notoriously changeable, which means you need to make sure your commercial property is ready for whatever mother nature throws at it.

Now is the ideal time to do some checks to find out what condition key elements of your property are in. This also applies to homeowners and landlords, as the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) recently pointed out.

The organisation gave some advice on areas to check, and these tend to hold true for commercial properties as well as residential ones.

Gutters can often be a source of problems if they’re not properly cleaned and maintained throughout the year. With trees shedding their leaves it’s easy for gutters to get blocked during autumn, which is the last thing you want as we move into winter.

Keep an eye on your gutters throughout the year – if you don’t regularly clean them yourself make sure you pay someone else to do it. If you can see signs of plants growing in them, or you notice water spilling over the side of the gutter when it rains, you should give them a closer inspection as soon as you can.

These often indicate that there’s a blockage somewhere, so address this before the worst of the winter weather arrives.

When you’re inspecting your gutters, take the time to also check your roof. If you’re in an industrial unit with cladding panels on the roof, you need to make sure they haven’t been damaged in any way.

Replacing your roof cladding panels can be expensive, but it isn’t always essential as damaged panels can often be repaired. If you’re concerned about the condition of your roof, get in touch with us to find out more about our services.

Even if there’s no need to major repairs, you could benefit from having a roof coating applied. These can help to waterproof your roof cladding sheets, whether they’re clad with metal, cement fibre, asbestos or asphalt.

The roof coatings we use are professionally applied by our experienced team, and they create a watertight barrier that will prevent damage to the sheets themselves – essential if we’re going to experience a winter with challenging weather conditions.

In fact, climate experts at University College London (UCL) predicted last month that the UK is set to experience its coldest winter in decades.

The researchers have studied current sea temperatures and a North Atlantic weather system to come up with their predictions. As a result, they believe we could be set to experience even more severe conditions than those brought to the UK by the Beast from the East in 2018.

According to the UCL forecast, temperatures in some parts of the country could drop as low as -15 degrees C, with spells of snowy and icy weather set to last for weeks. It’s certainly worth preparing for the worst and hoping for the best when it comes to British weather.

For businesses and homeowners alike, it’s important to check that your heating system is working and in good order, as well as to make sure that your pipes are properly insulated and protected from the worst of the cold weather.

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