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What Affects Paint Fading?

When you’re choosing a colour to paint your internal or external walls, be it for your home or a business, you should carefully consider whether the shade you pick is likely to fade.

One of the obvious things to consider is the colour itself. According to Nippon Paint, the lighter the hue you pick, the less it will fade. Darker shades are particularly susceptible to fading if they’re in direct sunlight, so consider this when you’re making decorating choices too.

Dulux recently named its paint colour of 2020 as ‘Tranquil Dawn’. This shade is inspired by the early morning sky, as its name suggests. The company described it as “somewhere between green, blue and grey – just like the fleeting beauty of the morning sky”.

Because it’s a relatively pale shade, it’s likely to do well in areas where there’s a lot of sunlight.

But the colour you choose to paint your walls isn’t the only thing that can affect how well they hold up. Another thing that will make your paint fade more quickly is opting for low-quality products.

High-quality paints will last longer and be more resilient than their cheaper counterparts, after all, there’s a reason why they cost more. If you’re splashing out for in house paint spraying, make sure the paint that’s going on your walls is of a good quality.

Another thing to consider, according to Nippon Paints, is the surface that’s being painted. Make sure that whatever product you’re using is fit for purpose. Don’t use interior paints on the exterior of a property, for instance. Or make sure that you’re not using alkali-sensitive paints on surfaces like masonry that are highly alkaline.

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