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What Protection Does Floor Spraying Offer?

Floor spraying is an effective way of protecting your building, whatever industry you are in. It not only provides defence for your floors, but also helps to ensure the safety of your staff and visitors, whether you are a retail premise, a laboratory, or a warehouse.

Here are just some of the benefits of floor spraying worth considering:

  • Waterproofs floors

One of the most useful things about floor spraying is that it provides a waterproof coating to your floor, reducing the chance of people slipping and injuring themselves.

This is important for any type of building, particularly during periods of heavy rain when it can be difficult to keep the floor dry.

Britain is well-known for its blustery weather, and the last few weeks have shown just how wet some parts of the country can get. Indeed, flood warnings have been issued for countless towns and villages this autumn, due to the heavy rainfalls we have experienced lately.

Norfolk is one such area that has suffered greatly, seeing 46.4mm of rain fall within 12 hours last weekend. Islay in Scotland also had a significant downpour, with 55.6mm coming down in 24 hours.

In these circumstances, it is essential to have flooring that can protect against water, as this will keep staff, customers and clients safe when walking in your building. It will also help provide a defence layer to the floor underneath, ensuring it is protected from flood damage, thereby increasing its longevity.


  • Hazardous materials

While having waterproof protection is important for any type of building, making the floor non-slip so those who walk on it are less likely to fall over, some units require safeguarding from more hazardous materials.

For instance, a science laboratory will need floor spraying to ensure any chemical spillages do not damage the ground. As chemical solutions can be highly reactive, some could instantly dissolve whatever comes into contact with them, including the floor. Therefore, having a layer of protection means it will remain protected until it can be safely removed.

  • Wear and tear

Another huge benefit of floor coatings is they ensure the damage caused by wear and tear is significantly reduced. Providing a defence against water, hazardous materials, and other liquids means it will deteriorate at a slower rate than floors without this protection.

Damage caused by dropping heavy items, scraping or skidding along the floor, and machinery will also be reduced. Therefore, businesses could also cut down on their upkeep responsibilities when it comes to their flooring, as it will last longer without having to be constantly maintained.

To find out more about how floor spraying can keep your building’s floor safe from water and chemical damage, get in touch with our experts on industrial floor coatings today.

The high-performance treatment can be matched to your flooring so you do not have to worry about design consistency, while it also means you can save money on maintenance work, and even, replacement floors.

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