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How Do You Clean Metal Cladding

Because of the function of your metal cladding. it is always important to keep your cladding clean. Cladding is added to buildings to give a stylish, finished appearance. It also protects the brickwork, or other building material behind it, from weather and other damage.

Why clean your cladding?

– Clean cladding helps to give customers a good, positive impression of your business.

– It protects the cladding from damage, including that caused by adverse weather conditions, dirt and pollutants.

– Cleaning will help to make the cladding last longer.

– Regular cleaning may also be a condition of any warranty that was provided by the original installer.

A Preventative Measure

Exterior cladding bears the brunt of the windy, wet or freezing conditions that can damage its surface. It ca also be corroded over time by bird droppings and saltwater, as well as the droppings and saltwater, as well as the growth of mould, moss, lichen and algae. These not only make the cladding look dirty, but could also gradually eat away at the material.

The Right Impression

If you run a business and do not clean your cladding, you may be giving potential customers the impression that you do not care for your premises. Shiny, spotless cladding will show clients that look after your business, as opposed to grubby cladding that can be very off putting.

A Longer Life

Looking after your cladding by having it professionally cleaned on a regular basis will also prolong its life. If cladding is not cared for, it can become stained and corroded, and the only solution at this point may be to replace it all, which is clearly a costly and disruptive exercise.

How to Clean Metal Cladding

Step 1: Clean the cladding thoroughly with a soft bristle brush. For dirt such as cobwebs, dust and rain spots, this may be adequate. In any case, it is a good idea to clean the cladding in this way as the first stage, as it will remove any surface particles.

Step 2: Apply a light detergent to remove all dirt and grime. Never use any kind of chemicals to clean metal cladding, as it may damage the metal itself, as well as any coating that has been applied to the surface.

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