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Composite Cladding Repair

Why Cut Edge Corrosion Is A Problem

Cut edge corrosion is the breakdown of the edge of metal cladding sheeting. It is a common problem. In fact, its the result of a design fault in the manufacture of coated metal cladding sheet types.

When the visible edge of the metal cladding is exposed to the elements, it begins to peel back and deteriorate. Not only does this look unsightly, it causes weaknesses in the structure that allows wafer to enter your property, resulting in a wealth of damage.

Left untreated, corrosion can cause irreversible damage that will leave costly and disruptive cladding replacement as you only option.

Why does cut edge corrosion occur?

When the faulty coated metal cladding was cut to size in the factory, a thin, uncoated line of metal was unveiled. This left this area unprotected; it is unfortunately, also the area of the roof most likely to succumb to peeling and corrosion.

Furthermore, when the metal expands, the factory coating can lift, which exposes the uncoated metal edge even further. This exposure can lead to entire coating delamination, resulting in the cut edge corrosion eating further through the metal. At this point, replacement is the only possible solution.

In addition to faulty metal cladding, the weather is a key cause of cut edge corrosion. The British climate means buildings encounter a great deal of moisture from cold and wet weather, expediting corrosion.

How do we treat it?

Our cut edge corrosion work begins by inspecting your property to measure the extent of the damage. The area on or around the corrosion is cleaned using specialists equipment with a variety of spray nozzles suitable for the surface and the level of dirt accumulation.

Once dry, we then mechanically remove corrosion with a hand held grinder. This gets rid of loose particles and leaves a smooth edge ready for treatment, with the peeling feathered back to remove ridges. We can then apply the repair and paint systems which often means beginning with a primer and using a layer of fibre tape to provide a reinforced seal. After the chosen paint system is installed, a topcoat is applied by brush to cover the tape and finish the watertight seal of the cut edge. If required the roof can be resprayed entirely so that it all matches and looks like a new roof.

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