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The benefits of having Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial Floor Covering

Floors represent one of the most trafficked areas in most commercial environments. Vehicular, mechanical, and pedestrian traffic all make the environment one of the most likely to be the first to suffer from degradation through general wear and constant use. Industrial floor coverings should therefore represent a key area of focus for all businesses and industries.

Safety sits highest on the agenda in respect to all floors, including car parks, equally, from a pedestrian perspective and that of any motorised vehicle and plant traversing the area. As a consequence, we make no apologies for calling this out early and specifically. With the need to comply with mandatory health and safety regulations, floors need to be maintained to a high standard. It’s a mandatory obligation for all, whether domestic, commercial, or retail environments.

Resistance to slippage – Anti-Slip

For all traffic using the floor areas whether pedestrian or vehicular, appropriate finishes need to be anti-slip. Anti-slip products and coating form an integral element of helping protect staff, employees, customers, vehicles, and any mechanised transport from the dangers of slippages and skidding.

Resistance to chemicals and spillage

For environments where industrial chemicals are being used, industrial floor coverings resistance to acids, alkali, solvents and chemicals is paramount. Products and coatings that are resistant to both extremes should be used in the maintenance of floors, protecting both the surface finish and the substrate from being exposed to any unwanted corrosive attack.

Resistance to damp and water penetration

In instances where floors are exposed to underfloor damp, products and coatings are used that can effectively form a damp proofing membrane that resists ingress of damp penetration. Reciprocally, where floors may be exposed to directly to surface water, through rainfall or industrial usage, then industrial floor coverings, products and coatings are used that repel surface water and have no porosity, thereby preventing any water penetration to the underlying substrate.

Resistant to wear, high impact, and heavy loads.

Industrial floor coverings, coatings and finishes must be appropriate to the environment and resistant to any premature wear and abrasion. Preparation of the substrate and the final coating application that is commensurate with both the environment and use, provides longer term benefits in delivering longer times between maintenance, saving costs. Our systems can also be used in providing increased resistance to high impact and heavy loads as well as minimising wear through the necessity of constant cleaning.

Resistance and prevention of underlying substrate dilapidation

Maintaining the finish on any substrate prevents premature dilapidation, and the associated consequences of un-necessary repairs. Repairs that are both costly, time consuming and can have operational impacts on the business. Here, regular, and timely maintenance undoubtably proves effective from a cost and investment perspective for most businesses over the longer term.

Products, Coatings, Systems and Applications

CJ Paint Spraying use only premier industrial floor coating products together with fully trained, accredited, and qualified trades who are experts in the application of floor preparation and finishes. There are three broad categories to highlight, each individually and independently selected upon environment, use and best fit.

  • Grip/slip resistant systems
  • Floor lining
  • Floor coating

Not totally exclusive to floors, but listed to highlight our world class products and coatings portfolio, we use the following suppliers, all from a pedigree stable of manufacturers, this includes to name just a few:

  • Delacote
  • Girosil
  • Giromax
  • Girocote
  • Elite
  • Seamsil
  • HD Sharmans

Site survey and Statement of Work schedule

We recognise that undertaking industrial floor covering work can be disruptive in any workplace. Wherever practical and possible, we work with our customers from the initial site survey to define a statement of work and timelines, from start to finish. In many cases we are flexible enough to undertake work outside of our customers critical business hours. This reduces disruption and facilitates having minimal business interruption and maintains seamless business continuity for customers, employees, and suppliers. 

Commerce and Industrial verticals

Industries with whom we work include some of the following:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Cold storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport
  • Aviation
  • Control Room
  • Workshop
  • Commercial and Retail
  • Production environments
  • Plant


All industrial floor covering projects are supported by the recognised and accredited capabilities of our dedicated workforce. Particular attention being made in respect to implementing and adoption of the following:

  • Workplace environmental safety
  • Safe and best working practices
  • Working at height
  • Scaffolding and construction safety requirements
  • Hazardous substance controls and storage
  • Paint spraying controls and usage
  • Appropriate use of Personal Protection Equipment
  • Covid 19 safety measures and guidelines
  • Spray painting risk assessment and method statement


Whilst we are not perfect yet, we are striving to improve our commitment to the planet and our customers in this respect. Wherever practical and possible we seek to employ and use:

  • Low emission paints and coatings
  • Low VOC paints and chemicals
  • Recycled containers, application tools and materials
  • Waste disposal recycling using approved waste management collection contractors

Why Our On Site Coatings?

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“We have used CJ Paint Spraying a couple of times for on site spraying services along with repairs to our external cladding. All of the work they have completed for us has been spot on! It always looks brand new, and the teams are friendly and professional, we couldn't recommend enough.”

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