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Supermarket Staircase Spray

Importance of Staircase Spraying

Staircases in all buildings naturally come in for significant wear and tear through the sheer volume of pedestrian and industrial traffic that traverse them. As a consequence, deterioration and dilapidation is accelerated way faster than other areas of any given building. They also represent a significant risk area where safety is of paramount importance.

Staircase spray painting is a treatment method that represents a fast and effective way of maintaining staircase condition. It enhances aesthetics, helps maintains safety through applications of non-slip coatings and extends the life by combatting dilapidation through timely and effective maintenance. It is not a maintenance item or area that can be ignored.

Staircases by their very nature represent a choke point within all buildings, and any lack of access creates significant disruption. Staircase spray painting of staircases, both internal and external, represents a fast and effective way of maintaining staircases by minimising inconvenience. Often further achieved by working out of core business hours where necessary.  In such cases, CJ Paint Spraying works with customers to plan and schedule any work to be conducted at times that suit individual business requirements, helping to further alleviate business disruption.

Working environments that support staircase spray painting also need to be environmentally safe, for employees, customers, and trades. Therefore, we conduct a full site survey prior to any work being commenced in relation to staircases and the peripheral areas. CJ Paint Spraying follows strict guidelines in relation to all aspects of health and Safety relating to all work being undertaken. Staircase painting is no exception.

Premier coatings and paints are used in every application, providing customer investment value over the longer term and enhanced aesthetics that stand the test of time. Staircase spray painting coatings are in many cases quick drying, water based with low VOC’s, all combining to restore full staircase use as soon as practical. CJ Paint Spraying provide customers with a single one-stop shop for all staircase spray painting work.

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