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Reading Cut Edge Corrosion Respray

What the Customer Wanted…

We were contacted to repair and respray the roof and side cladding of an industrial unit in Reading. Roofing repairs of this type is also known as cut edge corrosion repairs, where the cut edges of the roof panels becomes compromised over time and begin corroding. Regular maintenance ensures the edges are kept protected from the elements and the integrity of the roof is maintained. As well as the visual appeal, regular maintenance can prevent smaller issues turning in to large, costly repairs.

Project Preparation…

Every project receives a thorough onsite inspection as part of the quotation process. This allows us to establish the extent of the works, the condition of the roof and any other health and safety requirements, and accurately quote for the work.

Once onsite, the entire area to be resprayed is cleaned with a high pressure jet. This blasts years of grease and grime from the surface of the panels, as well as stripping old, flakey paintwork in preparation for respraying. Areas requiring repair are sanded, grinding metal surfaces to ensure proper adhesion of the new coating. Once complete, a primer coat to all prepared surfaces to enhance adhesion and durability of the final coat.

We use advanced airless spraying techniques to apply a high-quality metal cladding coating on both roof and wall surfaces. Ensuring an even and consistent application of the coating for maximum protection and aesthetic appeal. Once completed, we carry out a thorough inspection to ensure the works have been completed to a high standard.

Services we supplied the customer…

Roof Sheet Coatings

Cut Edge Panel Repairs

Roof & Cladding Sheet Repair

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“We have used CJ Paint Spraying a couple of times for on site spraying services along with repairs to our external cladding. All of the work they have completed for us has been spot on! It always looks brand new, and the teams are friendly and professional, we couldn't recommend enough.”

David Netherway 14th March 2018