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Maidenhead Office Respray

Completed Office Ceiling Respray Project

What the Customer wanted… We were contacted to respray the ceilings of a Maidenhead office block and its main entrance area. Spraying an office ceiling is an ideal means of creating a brighter working environment, using natural daylight – which not only improves the mood and welfare of the workforce, but also cuts down on […]

London Office Ceiling Respray

Office ceiling respray completed project

What the customer wanted… We were contacted by the property manager of an office development in London to freshen up their commercial premises with a ceiling respray. An aged, discoloured ceiling can make a room appear dull and dingy, and less able to reflect natural daylight, making it necessary to use artificial lighting more often. […]

Large Curtain Walling Project

Large Curtain Walling Respray Project, London

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by the customer to quote on respraying the curtain walling on this London based office block. The aging building was looking a little tired, and needed freshening up as part of a maintenance plan. We were also asked to respray the ceiling of the gym hall. As well […]

Ceiling Respray, Bristol

Restaurant ceiling respray

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by our Bristol based customer to respray the ceiling of their modern restaurant, who were in the final stages of their preparation to open to the public. The ceiling was painted from white, to a very stylish dark grey colour. Project Preparation… Following a thorough onsite inspection we […]

Car Showroom Respray, Milton Keynes

Car Showroom Respray in Milton Keynes

What the customer wanted… We were contacted by a Milton Keynes based car showroom owner, to quote for respraying their car showroom. After buying a house, buying a car, is often the second most high value purchase most people will make – it’s important the cars’ surroundings reflect the quality and prestige of the product. […]

Maidstone Dilapidation Project

Industrial Unit Dilapidation, Maidstone, Kent

What the Customer Wanted… Our Kent based customer was coming to the end of their warehouse lease which was on a full repair basis. Dilapidations can be an expensive problem at the end of a lease term, as the property needs to be returned to ‘as new’ standard. Planning for dilapidation works is essential to […]

Onsite Ceiling Spraying

Ceiling Spraying

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by the customer to respray their ceiling panels RAL 7016 as part of their renovation, giving the business interior a clean modern finish. Project Preparation… All projects, no matter how large or small, will receive a site visit. This allows us to accurately judge the requirements of the […]

Ceiling Spraying Projects

Ceiling Paint Spraying

Why Ceiling Spraying is Important… The ceiling is often the largest, uninterrupted surface area inside a building. Being the largest area, it has a huge impact on the quality of light and the overall look and feel of a building interior. A clean white ceiling reflects light, making an area look larger and brighter, whilst […]