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Food Safe Respraying London

Food safe paint spraying

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by a London based food processing company to respray the interior and exterior panels of their food preparation area which were showing signs of wear and tear. Food preparation areas have very strict rules on food hygiene and are subject to regular checks ensuring standards are being adhered […]

Food Safe Panel Respray in Staffordshire

Food Safe Panel Resprays

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by a food processing company in Staffordshire to respray its food preparation areas, where the panels had become scratched and damaged due to wear and tear of everyday use. Food hygiene panels only effective effective protection against food contamination when the surface is sound and smooth. Any nicks […]

Food Safe Respray in Manchester

Fibreglass Paint Spraying (After)

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by a Manchester based customer whose business premises were looking a little tired and in need of freshening up. The panels to be resprayed were used in a food safe environment, which cease to be hygienic when allowed to deteriorate. Project Preparation… Every project receives a thorough on-site […]

Office Cladding Respray

Resprayed internal office cladding panels

What the customer wanted… We were contacted by Maidstone based food preparation and training company to respray their foodsafe panels, which were showing signs of deterioration. Damaged food safe panels lose their hygienic properties, encouraging the growth of germs and bacteria. Breaches in food hygiene standards can lead to prosecution. Project preparation… Following a thorough […]

Foodsafe Panel Respray

Foodsafe Panel Respray Case Study

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by a Somerset based food preparation company to repair and respray its foodsafe panels. Damaged foodsafe panels are more prone to contamination, as the broken surface harbours germs and bacteria, which compromises food safety, and can lead to prosecution if not rectified in a timely manner. Project Preparation… […]

Preston Food Safe Re-coating

Food Safe Recoating After

What the Customer wanted… We were contacted by a Preston based cheesemaker to re-coat the walls of their food preparation area, keeping it compliant with strict food preparation laws. The completed project looked brighter and was much easier to keep clean. Project Preparation… Every project receives an onsite inspection where we advise and prepare a […]

KFC gets a facelift

KFC Restaurant Paint Spraying

What the Customer Wanted… KFC contacted CJ Paint Spraying as part of its nationwide rollout of outlets. The change of colour scheme not only increased the visual appeal of the restaurant, it also served to protect the fabric and structure of the building, protecting from corrosion. What we did… The works consisted of respraying the […]

Internal Food Safe Panel Repair

internal panel repair

What The Client Wanted Our most recent client had a couple of damaged internal panels which required a specific kind of coating. After looking around for a specialist company who provide this service, they found CJ Paint Spraying. And we began helping with our food safe panel repair. What We Did Before we attended site […]

Bernard Matthew Food Safe

Bernard Matthews

What The Client Wanted The client was after a coating specialist who could provide a food safe panel repair. They recently have inspections taking place so needed the coating to meet food safety regulations. What We Did Our guys went in to repair all marks, scratches and dents to panels. The client needed our colour […]

Guildford – Foodsafe Respray


What The Client Wanted The client wanted the work completed over the weekend. They wanted a food safe panel repair and respray due to the industry they work in with a colour matching service. What We Did Our guys managed to complete all work to a tight deadline over the weekend. We filled all walls […]