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Manchester Cut Edge Roof Repairs

Industrial Cut Edge Repairs

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by a Manchester business to repair and respray the roof of their industrial unit. Cut Edge Corrosion occurs to the edge which is exposed to the elements, which over time leads to moisture seeping under the paintwork, eventually leading to flaking paint work, exposing the bare metal to […]

Asbestos Roof Protection

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by the customer to clean and coat the asbestos roof on their industrial unit in order to keep it in a safe condition, and to prevent further deterioration, resulting in the roof becoming hazardous and requiring expensive asbestos disposal and replacement. Project Preparation… Following a thorough on-site inspection, […]

Exterior Cladding Respray

Exterior Cladding Respray

What the Customer Wanted… The customer contacted CJ Paint Spraying to quote on respraying their exterior cladding which was looking unsightly after many years of weathering. Project Preparation… Following a thorough onsite survey, we set to work preparing the cladding to be resprayed. The existing flaky paintwork was removed using a very high pressure 3000psi […]

Car Showroom Respray

CarShop Branding Respray

What the Customer Wanted… Following a recent rebrand, Motor Dealership CarShop Express asked us to respray their trading premises, matching their corporate colours, as well as repairing other areas of the property as part of an ongoing maintenance programme. Project Preparation… A major renovation of this type requires a lot of planning to ensure the […]

Industrial Unit Dilapidation

Industrial Unit Dilapidation

What the Customer Wanted… Following many years of neglect, this industrial unit needed some serious attention from the roof down to the ground. Cladding sheets and roofing panels were showing signs of serious corrosion, and was looking tatty with flaking paintwork. Project Preparation… We were asked to review the project, with a view to returning […]

Solihull – Giromax Respray

solihull giromax

What The Client Wanted Our most recent client was suffering from some damage and deterioration on their roofing system. They originally assumed the panels might need replacing but after speaking with CJ Paint Spraying it became clear they only needed a Giromax respray. What We Did For our client to get the best out of […]