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How To Spray Paint Shutters

How To Spray Paint Shutters

Spray painting industrial shutters and roller doors isn’t a particularly hard skill but one that requires a certain amount of knowledge and guidance. In this week’s post we will discuss “How To Spray Paint Shutters” covering the equipment you will need and the paint spraying process. Learn How To Spray Paint Shutters Now before you […]

Our Metal Spraying Process

Here at CJ Coating we cover a vast range of highly sought after spraying and coating services. In this post we will discuss our full metal spraying process and what you can expect when our team of sprayers arrive on site. What Is Metal Spraying? Metal spraying is sometimes otherwise known as metal coating. It […]

The Benefits of a Giromax Contractor

Giromax are most known for their specialist coating services that provide the most efficient protection against UV and corrosion. As a Giromax Contractor we though it would be an excellent idea to go through the benefits of using the Giromax products. In this article we will discuss what’s available what is best for your scenario. […]

The Importance of Safecontractor Accreditation

When hiring the services of a new contractor for the first time there is always a risk. This risk largely lies in the fact that you lack the knowledge and certainty of the quality of the contractor’s service provision. Therefore it is helpful that there are a number of accreditations that exist which have been […]

Keep Your Curtain Walling Repairs Up To Date for Winter

Winter is here, bringing with it a wide range of extreme weather conditions, including snow, sleet, rain and wind. In the face of these weather conditions it is imperative that every effort is taken to ensure that your curtain walling repairs are up to date. The primary reason for this is that if curtain walling […]

We Are Specialists In Industrial Window Frame Refurbishments

Due to the financial downturn that has affected many businesses operating within the industrial sector over the last few years, entities have been looking for cost effective means of uplifting their buildings. One of the key ways in which these entities have succeeded in increasing the aesthetics of their buildings and how their business is […]

Kingspan Warranty for CleanSafe Panel Repairs

Due to the high levels of both reliability and endurance, Kingspan CleanSafe Panels have become exceedingly popular. These panels are coated using the Kingspan CleanSafe coatings that have been specifically designed for use within controlled environments. In order to guarantee the optimum performance, a number of different coatings are available. Each of these coatings has […]

In House Paint Spraying from CJ Paint Spraying UK

Some projects require a dedicated offsite, in house paint spraying service in order to produce the best effects. Whilst onsite spraying has a wide range of benefits, it simply is not suitable for all applications. Therefore, to ensure that we can provide the services to meet the specific requirements of all projects we offer a […]

Powder Coating Colour Restoration with the Bromoco System

bromoco systems

Unfortunately, fading and discolouration of powder coatings is often unavoidable, especially on the exteriors of buildings. Due to the constant exposure to the elements, the powder coating on areas such as window frames, panels and doors can become chalked and weathered. If left unchecked this can detract on the overall appearance of a building and […]

Constructionline: Helping You Source Your Supplier Process

constructionline registered supplier

At CJ Paint Spraying we understand that one of the most stressful and time intensive aspects of a project is sourcing suppliers to complete specific areas of work. This problem can be exacerbated if once selected, suppliers do not meet their initial commitments or provide inferior standard work. Therefore it is essential that as a […]