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Commercial Blast Cleaning

Professional blast cleaning services or abrasive blast cleaning as it is otherwise known as is the process of using abrasive materials, combined with a high velocity pressure washer to remove grime and dirt from a material. We provide specialist on site blast cleaning services to business all across the UK.

Blast Cleaning London, Manchester, Liverpool and Portsmouth

We offer a full on site blast cleaning service no matter what your commercial environment. Blast cleaning’s most popular use is to remove toughened and unwanted dirt deposits from a building’s exterior. The most common scenarios include graffiti removal and brick cleaning. It actively allows us to easily remove the unwanted toughened areas of dirt that naturally, over time, appears on a building. Our blast cleaning quotations are extremely competitive as we aim to provide you with a cost-effective service that saves you £££’s on maintenance fees. We can apply our blast cleaning techniques to cladding materials, but a full site survey will need to be completed. We may need to incorporate a selection of on site building cleaning techniques.


Why Our On Site Coatings?

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“We used CJ Paint Spraying blast cleaning services after we noticed how dirty the building looked as a passing visitor. They completed the cleaning in good time with no disruption and the building is back to looking as it once did.”

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