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How Important Is It To Repair Historic Buildings?

Building Architecture

Historic mansions ooze grandeur from days gone by, and are loved by both Britons and tourists alike. However, the UK has been guilty of abandoning many of these stately homes over the years, so much so that significant repairs would be needed to bring some back to life. Despite this, doing so could be worth […]

Commercial Properties ‘Increasingly At Risk Of Flood Damage’


The likelihood of commercial property owners having to repair damage caused by floods, through on-site repair and replacement, paint spraying and restoration of the building, is growing all the time due to the increase in global warming. This is according to Legal Futures’ Associates, responding to Thames Water Property Searches recently. They believe that businesses […]

Moray School Buildings ‘Crumbling’


The news that just 30 per cent of the schools in Moray in Scotland currently meet the minimum standard for condition could be the inspiration you need to take a look at your site and assess whether now’s the time to start looking into dilapidation refurbishment. Apparently, just 16 out of Moray Council’s 53 sites […]

The UK’s Perfect High Street Revealed!


Although anyone working in the retail industry will no doubt already know the trials and tribulations involved in running a bricks and mortar shop on the high street these days, thanks to the advent of the internet, it seems that there is still a preconceived notion as to what the perfect high street should contain […]

Dilapidation Project

dilapidation project

What The Client Wanted Our most recent client contacted us as they moved into a new commercial unit and wanted it to match their branding. What We Did The client instructed CJ Paint Spraying to coat the exterior of the commercial property in their unique branding colour. They wanted the front elevation. roller shutters, window […]

Breathtaking Buildings Which Use Amazing Architecture


There are many gorgeous buildings around the world which have amazing architecture. Breathtaking architecture, a great location, and the use of materials in a unique way are often the reasons buildings become famous. These building can often stand the test of time and will make their way into history books or become the central site […]

Building Maintenance Checklist for Every Facilities Manager

Building Maintenance Checklist

building maintenance checklist It is important to remain on top of your commercial maintenance tasks. It can be easy to pass on certain types of building maintenance in the hope that someone else completes the work or you simply do not have to do it. Utilise this free building maintenance checklist to help get your […]