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Andover Cladding Respray

Cladding Respraying Project AFTER

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by an Andover based electrical company to respray the exterior of their extensive office block. The existing paintwork was looking tired, which not only left a poor impression to visitors and staff attending their offices, it also ran the risk of corrosion as the cladding panels continued to […]

Exterior Cladding Respray

Exterior Cladding Respray

What the Customer Wanted… The customer contacted CJ Paint Spraying to quote on respraying their exterior cladding which was looking unsightly after many years of weathering. Project Preparation… Following a thorough onsite survey, we set to work preparing the cladding to be resprayed. The existing flaky paintwork was removed using a very high pressure 3000psi […]

How Do You Clean Metal Cladding

Metal Affect Coatings

Because of the function of your metal cladding. it is always important to keep your cladding clean. Cladding is added to buildings to give a stylish, finished appearance. It also protects the brickwork, or other building material behind it, from weather and other damage. Why clean your cladding? – Clean cladding helps to give customers […]

Kent – Building Jet Wash & Respray


What The Client Wanted Our recent project involved repairing all the lose paint on the external cladding of the builder followed by a respray. What We Did We initially cleaned all the external cladding panels using a 3000 PSI specialist jet washer to remove all the lose paint followed by a full respray in RAY […]

White Linear Panel Repair and Respray

white kingspan panel repair

What The Client Wanted Our most recent client had Kingspan white linear panels, the cladding panel had some damage to it which caused a significant creased which desperately needed repairing. What We Did Our client had white linear panels which needed to be repaired due to a bad crease in the panelling. Our specialist operative […]

What Work Can Be Done To My Car Garage?

Car Dealership

First impressions matter, and although it can be tricky to maintain an immaculate appearance at all times, it is vital to create a positive impact on potential customers from the moment they arrive at your car dealership. A car, no matter the make or model, is a significant investment, which means that building trust and […]

Milton Keynes – Repair and Respray

milton keynes respray

What The Client Wanted Our most recent commercial warehouse needed signs removing and repairs to the existing cladding. What We Did A small team of operatives attended site in Milton Keynes to assist with the removal of signage. Where the signs had been, there was a little bit of damage due to weathering. We filled […]

Wymbush Milton Keynes – Respray

wymbush milton keynes

What The Client Wanted CJ Paint Spraying were asked to spray the external cladding of the industrial unit as part of the off site spraying complete refurbishment. What We Did Before we could get started on the respray of the cladding panels we needed to give it a thorough clean beforehand. We used a high-pressure jet […]

External Facade Problems and Treatments

grey facade

A facade is often the front part of the building which faces out onto the open street or land. They can be designed in a range of ways to make your commercial property look more aesthetically pleasing along with being extremely unique, depending on what you are looking for, your facade can have a great […]

Jet Cleaning and Repair

blast cleaning repair

What The Client Wanted We recently visited a client who needed their exterior cladding cleaned, repaired and resprayed. As you can see from some of the images parts of the coating which had been applied previously has started to pull away from the cladding panels as well as cracking. What We Did Firstly, we had […]