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Sports Direct – Cladding Panel Repairs


What The Client Wanted Our recent project involved using cladding repair services and respraying them with specialist coatings for a Sports Direct. What We Did We initially clean all the cladding panels to ensure the surfaces are prepped for repairs and coatings. Once the surface cladding is repaired, we followed this up with our full […]

Milton Keynes – Repair and Respray

milton keynes respray

What The Client Wanted Our most recent commercial warehouse needed signs removing and repairs to the existing cladding. What We Did A small team of operatives attended site in Milton Keynes to assist with the removal of signage. Where the signs had been, there was a little bit of damage due to weathering. We filled […]

Nissan – Repair and Respray


What The Client Wanted This client needed a part repair and respray to the damaged external panels at the entrance to the building. They needed a colour match so that the respray flawlessly matched the rest of the building’s exterior. What We Did First of all, our team went to the site and assessed the […]

Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University Featured

What The Client Wanted Our client requested a team of cladding panel repair technicians to visit the site and repair the damaged external panels. Our team needed to correctly colour match the aluminium panels before the spraying could commence. What We Did CJ Paint Spraying Nationwide provided a team of two on site spraying and […]

These Are 7 Questions You Must Ask Your Cladding Repair Contractors

questions to ask cladding repair contractors

It’s perfectly normal for business managers and site owners to want everything done as cheaply as possible. After all, that’s why budgets are in place, to make sure that they are utilised in the most efficient way possible. However, hiring a cheaper cladding repair alternative can have its consequences and plenty of risks. Fortunately, our […]

Maulden Warehouse

Maulden warehouse spraying completed

What The Client Wanted We were contacted by our latest client to provide a full refurbishment and respray to a warehouse that was installed with cladded panels. The last time that the panels were coated was when they were installed more than 10-years ago. What We Did A team of two on site spraying professionals […]

5 Questions Your Cladding Contractor Should Ask

CJ Paint Spraying vans

Maintaining a building is a big responsibility. Maintaining the structure and safety of the outer panels is even more important as any failures could result in a serious injury. Next time that you are considering a cladding contractor think about these 5 questions your coating company should ask you to ensure that you get the […]

Kingspan Panels

Kingspan, Ipswich

Kingspan specialise in the manufacture of “high performance secret and through-fix insulated wall panel systems.” The products contained within their extensive range are equally compatible when deployed horizontally as vertically. In addition to their wall panels, Kingspan manufacture a range of dedicated roof panel systems. Kingspan roof panel systems are compatible for deployment on both […]