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Manchester Cut Edge Roof Repairs

Industrial Cut Edge Repairs

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by a Manchester business to repair and respray the roof of their industrial unit. Cut Edge Corrosion occurs to the edge which is exposed to the elements, which over time leads to moisture seeping under the paintwork, eventually leading to flaking paint work, exposing the bare metal to […]

New Cross Hospital Cladding Repairs

What the Customer wanted… We were contacted by London-based New Cross Hospital to repair and respray panels which had been damaged during recent renovations. Project Preparation… Every project receives a thorough on-site inspection to ensure we get an accurate feel for the job, as well as determining any possible access problems, which may inhibit our […]

Milton Keynes Cladding Respray

Cladding Spraying Repair and Respray

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by Milton Keynes based Swarco to respray the window frames, door frames and external cladding of their industrial unit/offices which were looking a little tired with signs of weathering and some collision damage. Regular maintenance not only improves the aesthetic appeal of a property, it can also prevent […]

Cladding Respray Project

What the Customer Wanted… London based Beef & Babes Gym contacted CJ Paint Spraying to respray the external cladding to grey, to give a more modern, upmarket image. Project Preparation… Following a thorough onsite inspection, we identified areas of particular concern, and planned out the works, ready for us to set to work. Damaged areas […]

Cladding Respray

Cladding Respray

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by the customer to respray the exterior cladding, which was looking a little dated. In addition to respraying the cladding, we also resprayed the underside of the eaves overhang which was a dark wood, giving a dark appearance. Matching the colour to the rest of the cladding, the […]

Retail Unit Respray

Retail Unit Respray

What The Customer Wanted… The customer contacted us wanting to bring their retail unit a new lease of life. A retail property has to draw in customers – poorly maintained properties reflects badly on your business. Scheduled maintenance not only keeps your property looking in good condition, it prevent larger, more costly issues from occurring. […]

Warehouse Cladding Respray

Warehouse Exterior Respray

What the customer wanted… A Devon based company contacted Nationwide Paint Spraying specialists CJ Paint Spraying to respray their cladding which was showing signs of weathering. Regular maintenance saves money in the long term, preventing ‘cosmetic issues’ becoming more serious structural problems. Project Preparation… All projects receive a thorough onsite survey before any works are […]

Renault Workshop Restoration

What The Customer Wanted… We had a call from a West Midlands based Renault Truck Dealership, wanting to give their business premises a freshen up, which had fallen in to disrepair. Project Preparation… Had the customer programmed a maintenance plan, some cosmetic issues wouldn’t have deteriorated to the point of non-repair, and needed to be […]

Industrial Unit Dilapidation Project

Dilapidation Repair and Respray Project

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by the customer to quote for a complete dilapidation project for a property which hadn’t seen any significant maintenance plan for many years. The results of the renovation were truly impressive, allowing the unit to be re-let. Find out more… What We Did… Following a thorough onsite inspection, […]

How Cladding Panel Repair Can Help

cladding panel repair

Cladding is a type of skin which is added to a building to create a top protective layer over the material it is constructed from. Opting to add cladding to a building comes alongside many different benefits to both the durability of the exterior and the appearance of the overall building. Cladding can be seen […]