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Aldi Cardiff – Panel Repairs

panel repairs before and after

What The Client Wanted Our latest client was an Aldi store in Cardiff, which had its fair share of wear and tear. There was a significant amount of dents and damage to their micro-rib panels meaning they would need to be filled and repaired. What We Did To disguise all dents and damage we had […]

Macclesfield – Repair and Respray


What The Client Wanted Our most recent client had noticed damaged sections of their ribbed exterior cladding panels. The section of panelling was small, therefore only required one man’s work. What We Did Before the panels could be repaired one of our contracts managers attended site to ensure we could send out a specialist repair […]

Energy efficient building design

cladding design

When it comes to building a commercial property, energy efficient building design often isn’t at the forefront. However, it is not hard to implement, we should be doing the utmost best to better the environment, and that starts with building design. What do I need for energy efficient building design First things first, you will […]

Ashleys – Full Respray


What The Client Wanted Our most recent client was looking to entirely respray their exterior cladding panel to their new corporate colours. What We Did The team attended site first to assess the panels and ensure there was no damage before spraying and to also make sure we could match the colour perfectly. Once evaluated […]

B&Q – On Site Spraying


What The Client Wanted The client had contacted us because they were having new panels fitted to this B&Q, which needed spraying to match the branding colours. What We Did We were instructed to spray the panels on site for the signature colour of B&Q this colour does not come directly from the manufacturer, but […]