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How Cladding Panel Repair Can Help

cladding panel repair

Cladding is a type of skin which is added to a building to create a top protective layer over the material it is constructed from. Opting to add cladding to a building comes alongside many different benefits to both the durability of the exterior and the appearance of the overall building. Cladding can be seen […]

The Effects of Bad Weather on Building Panels

Bad Weather Cladding

Unfortunately, here in the UK, we have a very different type of weather system compared to other countries across Europe. With four different seasons, the damp, cold and even sunshine can have a real impact on your buildings cladding and façade. All of which will have a range of coatings, but are any of them […]

Shop Refurbishment – Bromley

shop refurbishment bromley

What The Client Wanted We recently completed a shop front refurbishment for a store based in Bromley. The store needed metal work repaired and holes filled, along with a complete respray to both the inside and outside. What We Did To ensure the shop looked brand new we had to repair and fill any holes […]

Lexus Dealership Refurbishment

lexus refurbishment

What The Client Wanted This client needed a full refurbishment of the exterior of their building. They needed the building full resprayed from black to a specific Lexus Silver. What We Did Our team started by applying the base coat to the building. We then applied the Lexus special silver over the original black paintwork. […]

Building Refurb Milton Keynes

milton keynes refurbishment

What The Client Wanted Our most recent client had been looking for a company that could provide them with a full refurbishment of their commercial property. What We Did We are currently working on this project to complete a whole host of items for the client. We are using two different spraying methods including HVLP […]

Maulden Warehouse

Maulden warehouse spraying completed

What The Client Wanted We were contacted by our latest client to provide a full refurbishment and respray to a warehouse that was installed with cladded panels. The last time that the panels were coated was when they were installed more than 10-years ago. What We Did A team of two on site spraying professionals […]

Low Cost Business Services for 2017

Business Services in 2017 Installations

With 2016 coming to a close, 2017 looks to be the year for businesses to take the plunge and make significant improvements in a bid to secure larger projects and higher profile names to associate themselves with. To ensure that businesses are running smoothly 24/7 they rely solely on employed facilities managers or the services […]

Cladding Refurbishment in Kings Lynn

Cladding Refurbishment Services Completed As part of a complete car show room refurbishment our client required our services to clean down, prepare and spray paint the external cladding and vehicle access door of the existing workshop from white to silver to match the newly installed extension. Please see our Spraying Services page for more details […]