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Gable End Cladding Replacement

What the Customer Wanted… Ipswich based fabrication company DIG Tube Manipulation & Fabrication contacted us to quote on replacing the cladding on the gable end of their industrial unit. The existing cladding only protected a small area and they wanted the benefits of the cladding over the full extent of the gable end. Project Preparation… […]

Mayfair London Office Refurbishment

Mayfair London

What The Client Wanted One of our most recent clients requested for CJ Paint Spraying to come and help with the refurbishment of their offices. What We Did The old windows have had aluminium plates added and a box section of aluminium has also been added around the frame. It was then the on site managers […]

Lexus Dealership Refurbishment

lexus refurbishment

What The Client Wanted This client needed a full refurbishment of the exterior of their building. They needed the building full resprayed from black to a specific Lexus Silver. What We Did Our team started by applying the base coat to the building. We then applied the Lexus special silver over the original black paintwork. […]

Building Refurb Milton Keynes

milton keynes refurbishment

What The Client Wanted Our most recent client had been looking for a company that could provide them with a full refurbishment of their commercial property. What We Did We are currently working on this project to complete a whole host of items for the client. We are using two different spraying methods including HVLP […]

Maulden Warehouse

Maulden warehouse spraying completed

What The Client Wanted We were contacted by our latest client to provide a full refurbishment and respray to a warehouse that was installed with cladded panels. The last time that the panels were coated was when they were installed more than 10-years ago. What We Did A team of two on site spraying professionals […]

Waterloo Station

Waterloo Station Featured

What The Client Wanted We were contacted by managers for Waterloo Station as they needed a number of internal panels repaired and completely resprayed due to some excessive damages. Due to the nature of the environment a lot of PPE was required due to spray painting in an enclosed space. What We Did A team […]