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Sports Direct – Cladding Panel Repairs


What The Client Wanted Our recent project involved using cladding repair services and respraying them with specialist coatings for a Sports Direct. What We Did We initially clean all the cladding panels to ensure the surfaces are prepped for repairs and coatings. Once the surface cladding is repaired, we followed this up with our full […]

Slough – Repair and Respray


What The Client Wanted The client contacts CJ Paint Spraying after noticing rust below the cladding. What We Did Our team went to assess the damage and rust by carrying out a survey of the cladding. We then deployed a team to carry out repairs including rust treatment and respraying of the cladding panels. The Client’s […]

Land Rover

Land Rover Garage Landscape View

What The Client Wanted We were contacted by a local Land Rover garage to work on the internal and external cladding panels. A number of the panels had dents and scratches that the showroom manager wanted resolved. What We Did We arranged for a team of external panel repair experts from CJ Paint Spraying to […]

These Are 7 Questions You Must Ask Your Cladding Repair Contractors

questions to ask cladding repair contractors

It’s perfectly normal for business managers and site owners to want everything done as cheaply as possible. After all, that’s why budgets are in place, to make sure that they are utilised in the most efficient way possible. However, hiring a cheaper cladding repair alternative can have its consequences and plenty of risks. Fortunately, our […]

Low Cost Business Services for 2017

Business Services in 2017 Installations

With 2016 coming to a close, 2017 looks to be the year for businesses to take the plunge and make significant improvements in a bid to secure larger projects and higher profile names to associate themselves with. To ensure that businesses are running smoothly 24/7 they rely solely on employed facilities managers or the services […]

5 Questions Your Cladding Contractor Should Ask

CJ Paint Spraying vans

Maintaining a building is a big responsibility. Maintaining the structure and safety of the outer panels is even more important as any failures could result in a serious injury. Next time that you are considering a cladding contractor think about these 5 questions your coating company should ask you to ensure that you get the […]