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Industrial Unit Exterior Spray

Yorkshire cladding Respraying

What the Customer wanted… We were asked to clean and respray the exterior of an industrial unit in Yorkshire. The works were part of an end of lease dilapidation programme which requires the leaseholder to return the property ‘to new’ at the end of the tenancy. The programme of works included power washing the entire […]

Cladding Respray

Cladding Respray

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by the customer to respray the exterior cladding, which was looking a little dated. In addition to respraying the cladding, we also resprayed the underside of the eaves overhang which was a dark wood, giving a dark appearance. Matching the colour to the rest of the cladding, the […]

Exterior Cladding Respray

Exterior Cladding Respray

What the Customer Wanted… The customer contacted CJ Paint Spraying to quote on respraying their exterior cladding which was looking unsightly after many years of weathering. Project Preparation… Following a thorough onsite survey, we set to work preparing the cladding to be resprayed. The existing flaky paintwork was removed using a very high pressure 3000psi […]

Wymbush Milton Keynes – Respray

wymbush milton keynes

What The Client Wanted CJ Paint Spraying were asked to spray the external cladding of the industrial unit as part of the off site spraying complete refurbishment. What We Did Before we could get started on the respray of the cladding panels we needed to give it a thorough clean beforehand. We used a high-pressure jet […]

Europcar Office – Building Respray


What The Client Wanted Our most recent client had noticed the exterior of their commercial property had started to become slightly faded and tired looking. Before the year was out, they decided to give their property a revamp as well as a colour change. What We Did All of our operatives are highly trained to […]

Cambridge – Repair and Respray

Cambridge Repair and Respray

What The Client Wanted This client wanted their canopy to be repaired and then resprayed. They also asked CJ Paint Spraying to repair the steel bike shed (shown in the background of the images below). What We Did We sent one of our contract managers to assess the damage and carry out a survey so that […]

Crawley – Repair and Respray

Crawley - Repair and Respray

What The Client Wanted This client needed CJ Paint Spraying to go in and perform localised repairs and on site spraying after the completion of a new build warehouse unit. What We Did The building had some minor damages caused during the construction process. Our team firstly matched the colour perfectly. This allowed our team […]

Nissan – Repair and Respray


What The Client Wanted This client needed a part repair and respray to the damaged external panels at the entrance to the building. They needed a colour match so that the respray flawlessly matched the rest of the building’s exterior. What We Did First of all, our team went to the site and assessed the […]

Porsche – Repair and Respray


What The Client Wanted The client had damage to their external cladding which needed filling and respraying. What We Did Our guys went out to colour match the exterior cladding before any filling started, as well as cladding cleaning. Once we got the perfect colour, we filled all areas that had been damaged and resprayed […]

Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University Featured

What The Client Wanted Our client requested a team of cladding panel repair technicians to visit the site and repair the damaged external panels. Our team needed to correctly colour match the aluminium panels before the spraying could commence. What We Did CJ Paint Spraying Nationwide provided a team of two on site spraying and […]