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What are the different types of cladding

Forms of Cladding Available

Cladding sheets have become a modern material in both commercial and residential construction and maintaining them effectively has become just as vital as the initial installations. There are many different types of cladding material and the team here at CJ Paint Spraying have discussed each one in detail for your benefit. So What Are Cladding […]

How To Spruce Up Your Commercial Building

Tall Commercial Building

As summer is now in full swing and everyone is out and about enjoying the sun, it’s more important than ever to look at your commercial building. Keeping up with regular maintenance can do wonders for the exterior of our premises and here we discuss just some of the reasons why! What are the different […]

5 Benefits of Roof Coating

Roof coating being applied

Maintaining your commercial roof space is important at any time of the year, however, with the ever-changing English weather it is always important to stay on top of roof maintenance. If you neglect your commercial roofing, it will result in damages and inevitable increased repair costs. Consider these 5 benefits of roof coating to ensure […]

Cambridge – Repair and Respray

Cambridge Repair and Respray

What The Client Wanted This client wanted their canopy to be repaired and then resprayed. They also asked CJ Paint Spraying to repair the steel bike shed (shown in the background of the images below). What We Did We sent one of our contract managers to assess the damage and carry out a survey so that […]

SME Buckinghamshire Business Award Winners 2017

Collecting the Award at SME 2017

Recently CJ Paint Spraying Nationwide was one of many local businesses in Milton Keynes to be confirmed and nominated as a finalist for the SME Buckinghamshire Business Award. As a national provider of on site spraying and cladding panel refurbishments, CJ Paint Spraying Nationwide provide many companies from a range of industries with external building […]

Cladding Systems for External Walls

External Cladding Sheets

A commercial buildings exterior is often made from a variety of materials and products. However, 99% of commercial buildings tend to use something called external cladding sheets. These sheets are carefully manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions and last a hell of a lot longer than traditional cladding sheets. There are many things that can […]

External Sheet Spraying

External Sheet Spraying

What The Client Wanted Having worked for this client previously, CJ Paint Spraying Nationwide was invited up to Newcastle to assist with the cleaning and spraying of a number of dirty and poorly maintained external sheeting. All of the works were agreed before we travelled and the project was completed in one full day. What […]