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Top 5 Aluminium Composite Panel Exterior Designs

Aluminium cladding

Did you know that 25% of aluminium produced worldwide is used in construction? Known globally as the ‘miracle metal’, aluminium has been used for more than 100 years within the construction industry. Due to its light-weight, fuel efficient and recyclable properties, it has been the metal of choice for decades when it comes to exterior […]

Milton Keynes – Repair and Respray

milton keynes respray

What The Client Wanted Our most recent commercial warehouse needed signs removing and repairs to the existing cladding. What We Did A small team of operatives attended site in Milton Keynes to assist with the removal of signage. Where the signs had been, there was a little bit of damage due to weathering. We filled […]

The Effects of Bad Weather on Building Panels

Bad Weather Cladding

Unfortunately, here in the UK, we have a very different type of weather system compared to other countries across Europe. With four different seasons, the damp, cold and even sunshine can have a real impact on your buildings cladding and façade. All of which will have a range of coatings, but are any of them […]

What are the different types of cladding

Forms of Cladding Available

Cladding sheets have become a modern material in both commercial and residential construction and maintaining them effectively has become just as vital as the initial installations. There are many different types of cladding material and the team here at CJ Paint Spraying have discussed each one in detail for your benefit. So What Are Cladding […]

Exterior paint colour mistakes to avoid

grey commercial unit

When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, commercial building or shopfront, you need to think about the colours you use. The last thing you want is to spend vast amounts of money on a colour that either looks too obtrusive or simply portrays the wrong image. Here we discuss the different exterior […]

Cambridge – Repair and Respray

Cambridge Repair and Respray

What The Client Wanted This client wanted their canopy to be repaired and then resprayed. They also asked CJ Paint Spraying to repair the steel bike shed (shown in the background of the images below). What We Did We sent one of our contract managers to assess the damage and carry out a survey so that […]

Derbyshire – Panel Repair


What The Client Wanted The client had damage to the existing rib panel after searching for a contractor who could deal with this type of panel they came across CJ Paint Spraying. What We Did We sent one of our contract managers to assess the damage and carry out a survey before providing the client […]

Crawley – Repair and Respray

Crawley - Repair and Respray

What The Client Wanted This client needed CJ Paint Spraying to go in and perform localised repairs and on site spraying after the completion of a new build warehouse unit. What We Did The building had some minor damages caused during the construction process. Our team firstly matched the colour perfectly. This allowed our team […]

Do’s and dont’s of cladding cleaning

Man Jet Washing Cladding

Cladding can be used both inside and outside a building, from time to time it will require cleaning however many people seem to get this wrong, whether it’s using the wrong products or simply needing a contractor to do it. Cladding cleaning will also depend on what time of clean you need whether is a […]

KIA Garage Repair and Respray

KIA Milton Keynes

What The Client Wanted We were contacted by KIA’s Bletchley showroom after we completed separate works at their Wolverton branch. The site in question was an entirely new premise, set in a prime location and needed the building to stand out and catch the attention of passing vehicles. Before occupying the unit, it was previously […]