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How Cladding Panel Repair Can Help

cladding panel repair

Cladding is a type of skin which is added to a building to create a top protective layer over the material it is constructed from. Opting to add cladding to a building comes alongside many different benefits to both the durability of the exterior and the appearance of the overall building. Cladding can be seen […]

Top 5 Aluminium Composite Panel Exterior Designs

Aluminium cladding

Did you know that 25% of aluminium produced worldwide is used in construction? Known globally as the ‘miracle metal’, aluminium has been used for more than 100 years within the construction industry. Due to its light-weight, fuel efficient and recyclable properties, it has been the metal of choice for decades when it comes to exterior […]

The Effects of Bad Weather on Building Panels

Bad Weather Cladding

Unfortunately, here in the UK, we have a very different type of weather system compared to other countries across Europe. With four different seasons, the damp, cold and even sunshine can have a real impact on your buildings cladding and façade. All of which will have a range of coatings, but are any of them […]

Kingspan Recommendation

Kingspan recommendation featured

What The Client Wanted Our client approached the manufacturer of their cladding panels; in this case Kingspan as there were a few areas on site that needed treatment, repair and respraying. Kingspan recommended CJ Paint Spraying as a preferred contractor and our supervisory team was called on site to complete a full assessment and quotation. […]

Cladding Cleaning

cj paint spraying cladding cleaning

Over the course of its life, cladding can become dirtied by day to day usage and general wear and tear. Although this process occurs gradually and is barely noticeable, over time if left untreated the visual impact which this process has upon your buildings aesthetics, whether internal or external, can be detrimental to how your […]