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Commercial Properties ‘Increasingly At Risk Of Flood Damage’


The likelihood of commercial property owners having to repair damage caused by floods, through on-site repair and replacement, paint spraying and restoration of the building, is growing all the time due to the increase in global warming. This is according to Legal Futures’ Associates, responding to Thames Water Property Searches recently. They believe that businesses […]

Take Advantage Of Falling Commercial Property Prices


Property investors who have considered dabbling in the commercial real estate sector might be tempted to finally do so due to falling prices. This could be the ideal time to get on the commercial property ladder thanks to the opportunity at the moment to purchase units at a low price. This is according to Max […]

The UK’s Perfect High Street Revealed!


Although anyone working in the retail industry will no doubt already know the trials and tribulations involved in running a bricks and mortar shop on the high street these days, thanks to the advent of the internet, it seems that there is still a preconceived notion as to what the perfect high street should contain […]

What Makes Your Business Unique?

Work team around table

In a world where you are constantly surrounded by new technology, with concepts and services promising to make your lifestyle that little more straightforward, introducing a new business to your target audience can be somewhat tricky. We are a nation of creature comfort lovers, who would prefer to travel a few additional miles or pay […]

5 Office Building Exterior Design Ideas

Glass office building

The exterior of your office provides the first impression of your business to not only your staff, but visitors and clients as well. This makes the appearance of your property vitally important if you are wanting to create a positive and lasting impact. Altering the design of your property’s exterior may sound costly, but there […]

External Facade Problems and Treatments

grey facade

A facade is often the front part of the building which faces out onto the open street or land. They can be designed in a range of ways to make your commercial property look more aesthetically pleasing along with being extremely unique, depending on what you are looking for, your facade can have a great […]

Effects of seaside locations

buildings on coast

Living and working beside the seaside can be a real treat at times, however, in other seasons the seaside can cause many damages to your external property. Here we tell you about all the effects of seaside locations on your commercial properties. Seaside locations Living beside the seaside is risky business, there are many dangers […]

How to attract the best tenants to a commercial property

two commercial buildings

Attracting new tenants to a commercial property can be a tricky task, the reality is, people do not want to spend money unless they really have to. They will often put offers in that are far less than what you want for the unit. But there are a few things that you can do to […]

When Is It Time For A Commercial Refurbishment

open office design

There are many different reasons why you may want to think about an office refurbishment. If you have recently merged with another organisation you may need more space for new employees; a refurbishment will allow you to maximise the area and make the office space more attractive to prospective clients and new employees. Your current […]

How To Spruce Up Your Commercial Building

Tall Commercial Building

As summer is now in full swing and everyone is out and about enjoying the sun, it’s more important than ever to look at your commercial building. Keeping up with regular maintenance can do wonders for the exterior of our premises and here we discuss just some of the reasons why! What are the different […]