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East London Curtain Walling

East London Newham University Curtain Walling Project

What the Customer Wanted… East London based Newham University contacted CJ Paintspraying to respray its window and door frames, also known as curtain walling. Curtain walling protects the structure of glazed units, which in turn adds structural support to a building as a whole. So as well as being aesthetically pleasing, well maintained curtain walling […]

Why Would Your Business Need A Custom Curtain Wall?

Office Curtain Wall

Curtain walling systems are an outer layer of a building, made of lightweight materials and capable of achieving a lifespan of approximately 10-15 years. To guarantee the longevity of curtain walling, the system will require an appropriate protective coating to prevent deterioration. Coating spraying is excellent for resisting environmental degradation and can withstand adverse weather […]

Westfield – Curtain Walling


What The Client Wanted We were contacted by one of the main contractors working on the new Westfield Shopping Centre, to do curtain wall coatings. What We Did The Contractor required an immediate start on site calling us on a Thursday was not ideal but having over ten teams, our planners were able to move […]

Refurbishing Curtain Walling

triangle curtain walling

What Is Curtain Walling? Curtain walling is an external layer which can be found affixed to the outside of commercial buildings, typically multi-storey constructions. The curtain walling is connected to the building through the floors or columns, and as such is not a structural support, therefore carrying no dead load weight. Previously the majority of […]