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Large Office Curtain Wall Respray

What the Customer Wanted…  Following a large office block renovation project, we were called in to respraying the window frames and surrounds, known as curtain walling. The customer has a specified the use of RAL 9005, which gave a modern, contemporary finish. In addition to ‘off the shelf’ colours, we are able to match your […]

Why Would Your Business Need A Custom Curtain Wall?

Office Curtain Wall

Curtain walling systems are an outer layer of a building, made of lightweight materials and capable of achieving a lifespan of approximately 10-15 years. To guarantee the longevity of curtain walling, the system will require an appropriate protective coating to prevent deterioration. Coating spraying is excellent for resisting environmental degradation and can withstand adverse weather […]

We Are Specialists In Industrial Window Frame Refurbishments

Due to the financial downturn that has affected many businesses operating within the industrial sector over the last few years, entities have been looking for cost effective means of uplifting their buildings. One of the key ways in which these entities have succeeded in increasing the aesthetics of their buildings and how their business is […]

Curtain Walling Refurbishment

refurbishing curtain walling

Curtain walling can be widely observed on buildings in most urban landscapes. Typically it is utilised to encase the exteriors of commercial buildings and multi storey constructions such as flats. Unlike some of the other construction aspects of the building, the curtain walling does not provide structural support. Instead curtain walling is attached to the […]