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Maintaining Curtain Wall Systems

Homebase Entrance Respray (Complete)

Curtain wall systems, particularly when externally facing, need to resist the continual exposure to sun and UV, rain, wind and the wide degree of temperature variations that are considered normal for Northern European latitudes. Internally, it’s clearly not the same harsh environment, but for curtain wall systems that are not maintained, aesthetics deteriorate creating a […]

Breathtaking Buildings Which Use Amazing Architecture


There are many gorgeous buildings around the world which have amazing architecture. Breathtaking architecture, a great location, and the use of materials in a unique way are often the reasons buildings become famous. These building can often stand the test of time and will make their way into history books or become the central site […]

Benefits and uses of glass in architecture

glass buildings

Glass is one of the most versatile building materials. It has been used in building designs for over thousands of years and is now an integral part of most buildings we come across today. Here we discuss the benefits and uses of glass in architecture. Benefits and uses of glass Glass is possibly one of […]

Increase customers by improving car showroom appearance

man sitting in car showroom

Car dealership owners will invest a significant amount of money and time into ensuring their showroom looks as good as it possibly can. If they are selling a specific brand of car, it is even more imperative their car showroom reflects the vehicle itself. Here we tell you how you increase customers by simply improving […]

Commercial Unit – Refurbishment

Commercial Unit Refurbishment

What The Client Wanted The client is looking to sell this commercial unit and wanted to make sure it was in tip-top condition before doing so. What We Did Our team went in to assess the Unit, so far we have resprayed all the internal walls with a white spray. We are currently working on […]