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Manchester Cut Edge Roof Repairs

Industrial Cut Edge Repairs

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by a Manchester business to repair and respray the roof of their industrial unit. Cut Edge Corrosion occurs to the edge which is exposed to the elements, which over time leads to moisture seeping under the paintwork, eventually leading to flaking paint work, exposing the bare metal to […]

Industrial Unit Dilapidation

Industrial Unit Dilapidation

What the Customer Wanted… Following many years of neglect, this industrial unit needed some serious attention from the roof down to the ground. Cladding sheets and roofing panels were showing signs of serious corrosion, and was looking tatty with flaking paintwork. Project Preparation… We were asked to review the project, with a view to returning […]

Importance Of Damaged Cladding Panels Being Fixed

cladding archtitect

When cladding panels becomes damaged the protective external coating is no longer able to shield the underlying metal from the weather; therefore the metal becomes vulnerable to corrosion. As a result of this, it is imperative that damaged cladding panels are fixed as quickly as possible. What damage can my cladding panels experience? As cladding […]

Warehouse Renovation: 5 Key Services You Need

New Warehouse Renovation Completed

It doesn’t matter if you’re the facilities manager or warehouse owner – a poorly maintained warehouse that’s easily visible for potential customers looks bad. Most industrial buildings tend to go through warehouse renovation in order to repair damages, fix faults and improve on general site safety. If you’re the facilities manager for an industrial warehouse […]

What is Cut Edge Corrosion?

Corroded roof sheet panel

In recent years, industrial cladding sheets are used on a variety of commercial grade buildings such as Hospitals, Medical Centres, Warehouses, Retail Units and any other type of commercial building that is exposed to a lot of harsh weather. A lot of facilities managers and business owners find themselves asking what is cut edge corrosion? […]

How You Can Prevent Rust on Steel Structures

Prevent Rust on Steel

We’ve been a national coating specialist for a number of years now, and still facilities managers from around the country cannot seem to figure out how to prevent rust from building up on their steel structures. Fortunately, during this week’s article, we’re going to discuss rust in greater detail, and look to provide you with […]

9 Construction Contracts You Need To Consider Before Agreeing Any Work

Types of Construction Contracts

There are always at least two questions that facilities managers ask contractors before work is completed: Number one, they want to know how much the work is going to cost them. Number two, how long is the work going to take to complete? These are two very important questions. However, there are a couple of […]

The Most Common Cladding Repair and How to Fix It

Corroded roof sheet panel

Every year and every week, our team here at CJ Paint Spraying encounters a number of on site panel repairs and spraying projects throughout the UK. Unfortunately, due to the UK’s strange weather patterns and inconsistency, buildings with external cladding sheets can sometimes become more vulnerable. As a result, contractors such as ourselves are needed […]

Understanding Cut Edge Corrosion – CJ Paint Spraying UK

Cut edge corrosion treatments

Previously the usage of corrugated steel and aluminium sheets was limited pretty much exclusively to the cladding of barns and sheds. However over the years this has changed and now this material, which is referred to as “crinkly tin” by architects, can be widely seen on the elevations and roofs of a whole host of […]