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External Facade Problems and Treatments

grey facade

A facade is often the front part of the building which faces out onto the open street or land. They can be designed in a range of ways to make your commercial property look more aesthetically pleasing along with being extremely unique, depending on what you are looking for, your facade can have a great […]

Increase customers by improving car showroom appearance

man sitting in car showroom

Car dealership owners will invest a significant amount of money and time into ensuring their showroom looks as good as it possibly can. If they are selling a specific brand of car, it is even more imperative their car showroom reflects the vehicle itself. Here we tell you how you increase customers by simply improving […]

Lexus Dealership Refurbishment

lexus refurbishment

What The Client Wanted This client needed a full refurbishment of the exterior of their building. They needed the building full resprayed from black to a specific Lexus Silver. What We Did Our team started by applying the base coat to the building. We then applied the Lexus special silver over the original black paintwork. […]