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Why would you need hygiene coatings


Something that not many people know is just how many different industries require hygiene coatings. While restaurants are a significant percentage of the sectors that need hygiene spraying, hospitals, supermarkets, doctors, dentist, breweries and veterinary practices are all expected to have a sanitary workplace. Many people don’t realise that hygiene coatings are key to meeting […]

What are Food Grade Coatings?

Food Inspector in Warehouse and Food Safe Clean Room

Distribution centres and food stockists have a duty of care when it comes down to food safety. This week’s article looks into and discusses the reasons for food grade coatings and why they are so important to the catering industry. What is a Food Grade Coatings and why do I need it? There are many […]

Bernard Matthew Food Safe

Bernard Matthews

What The Client Wanted The client was after a coating specialist who could provide a food safe panel repair. They recently have inspections taking place so needed the coating to meet food safety regulations. What We Did Our guys went in to repair all marks, scratches and dents to panels. The client needed our colour […]

Food Safe Project

Food Safe Project Featured

What The Client Wanted We were contacted by a local food production warehouse that was in desperate need of a commercial food safe coating and panel repair. The existing internal panels had a number of punctures and holes that needed treatment before the work could commence. What We Did Before respraying the internal panels with […]

The Importance of Food Safe and Cleanroom Panel Repairs

Food safe areas and cleanrooms are incredibly important areas of your business, they provide a safe and hygienic environment. However, due to high usage and the volume of traffic that passes through these rooms, the panelling can become damaged. If this damage is left untreated the overall hygiene of these environments can become compromised. In […]