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Why would you need hygiene coatings


Something that not many people know is just how many different industries require hygiene coatings. While restaurants are a significant percentage of the sectors that need hygiene spraying, hospitals, supermarkets, doctors, dentist, breweries and veterinary practices are all expected to have a sanitary workplace. Many people don’t realise that hygiene coatings are key to meeting […]

What are Food Grade Coatings?

Food Inspector in Warehouse and Food Safe Clean Room

Distribution centres and food stockists have a duty of care when it comes down to food safety. This week’s article looks into and discusses the reasons for food grade coatings and why they are so important to the catering industry. What is a Food Grade Coatings and why do I need it? There are many […]

Guildford – Foodsafe Respray


What The Client Wanted The client wanted the work completed over the weekend. They wanted a food safe panel repair and respray due to the industry they work in with a colour matching service. What We Did Our guys managed to complete all work to a tight deadline over the weekend. We filled all walls […]

5 Reasons Why Your Buildings Panels are Fading

Yellow Warehouse

Just like many businesses in the UK, the buildings are open to the elements and become extremely vulnerable to the inconsistent weather conditions. As a result, facilities managers and business owners find that their buildings are becoming faded and paintwork begins to flake away. Fortunately, understanding how a building can be protected can go a […]