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What Affects Paint Fading?


When you’re choosing a colour to paint your internal or external walls, be it for your home or a business, you should carefully consider whether the shade you pick is likely to fade. One of the obvious things to consider is the colour itself. According to Nippon Paint, the lighter the hue you pick, the […]

In House Paint Spraying from CJ Paint Spraying UK

Some projects require a dedicated offsite, in house paint spraying service in order to produce the best effects. Whilst onsite spraying has a wide range of benefits, it simply is not suitable for all applications. Therefore, to ensure that we can provide the services to meet the specific requirements of all projects we offer a […]

Off Site Spraying Services

CJ Paint Spraying are now able to offer off site spraying services, we have in house spray booths that can take lengths of upto 7 meters and upto 4 meters high. We can wet spray any items in a dust free enviroment and bake them off for a more prestine finish. Typical services we can […]