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Best Interior Cladding Ideas

white cladding panels

There are a number of interior cladding designs you can choose from nowadays. Cladding is now widely used not only for the exterior of your property but also on the interior to give your premises a unique and clean feel. Here we run through a couple of interior cladding ideas for your office or commercial […]

Mitcham – Repair and Respray


What The Client Wanted This specific client needed a repair and respray performed on their building’s internal cladding. What We Did Our team firstly went and repaired the damaged areas to the cladding. We then went back to perform the respray. The liner panel was a standard 0.7mm white liner enamel coated steel sheet. We […]

Kingspan Recommendation

Kingspan recommendation featured

What The Client Wanted Our client approached the manufacturer of their cladding panels; in this case Kingspan as there were a few areas on site that needed treatment, repair and respraying. Kingspan recommended CJ Paint Spraying as a preferred contractor and our supervisory team was called on site to complete a full assessment and quotation. […]

Faded Cladding Panels Onsite

Faded Cladding Panel Works

What The Client Wanted We were contacted by our most recent client as the external cladding panels had started to show signs of wear and tear. The original cladding spraying that was completed by the previous company had started to lose its colour which resulted in the building looking “mis-matched”. The client wanted us to […]

Land Rover

Land Rover Garage Landscape View

What The Client Wanted We were contacted by a local Land Rover garage to work on the internal and external cladding panels. A number of the panels had dents and scratches that the showroom manager wanted resolved. What We Did We arranged for a team of external panel repair experts from CJ Paint Spraying to […]

Westfield Centre

Outside Westfield Shopping Centre

What The Client Wanted We were contacted by the facilities manager for the shopping centre when they requested a quotation for respraying the internal structures of one of there available units. The steel structures that were currently in place were not damaged fortunately, and simply required a clear, clean coating. What We Did We completed […]