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Large Intumescent Coating Project

What the Customer wanted… We were contacted by the customer following the build of a large industrial unit. Due to the nature of the building, the steelwork needed a fire rating of 120 minutes. Project Preparation… A project of this size required meticulous attention to detail. Working from architects plans we worked out how much […]

What Are Intumescent Coatings And Why Do You Need Them?

a red steel column intersecting a beam on the underside

Fire safety has become a much bigger priority since the Grenfell Tower fire, and rightly so. There is still considerable work to do to make high-rise buildings safe for residents in the event that there is a fire. An article for the Guardian recently highlighted just how much work there is to do in the […]

Warehouse Renovation: 5 Key Services You Need

New Warehouse Renovation Completed

It doesn’t matter if you’re the facilities manager or warehouse owner – a poorly maintained warehouse that’s easily visible for potential customers looks bad. Most industrial buildings tend to go through warehouse renovation in order to repair damages, fix faults and improve on general site safety. If you’re the facilities manager for an industrial warehouse […]

Fire Protection for Schools & Housing Associations

Intumescent coatings provide exceptional passive fire protection for both metal and timber structures. These coatings have become exceptional popular both in school buildings and those for which housing associations are responsible for, due to how versatile and cost effective they are. But what actually are intumescent coatings? Typically an intumescent coating will provide an appearance […]