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What is a Water Based Coating?

water based coatings

The purpose of this blog post is to provide a thorough answer to this basic question, what are water based coatings? Waterborne coating is a general term used to describe any surface coating or finish that uses water as a solvent to disperse the resin added to it to create the coating. Composition varies and […]

Water Based vs Solvent Based Coatings

Steel Structure Coatings

In both residential and industrial markets, consumers can choose between the following categories of paint, solvent based coatings and water based coatings. Fifty years ago, virtually all paint was solvent based. Sometimes referred to as oil based or alkyd paints, solvent based coatings contain higher levels of organic compounds than water based coatings. These solvents […]

What To Look Out For In A Coatings Contractor


When it comes to looking for any kind of contractor, there are a couple of things you are going to want to look out for. It can be very easy in this day and age to be scammed by those who have no intention of working for you but only wish to take your money, […]