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London Office Ceiling Respray

Office ceiling respray completed project

What the customer wanted… We were contacted by the property manager of an office development in London to freshen up their commercial premises with a ceiling respray. An aged, discoloured ceiling can make a room appear dull and dingy, and less able to reflect natural daylight, making it necessary to use artificial lighting more often. […]

Storage Container Respraying

storage container respray

What the Customer Wanted We were contacted by midlands based Peppermint Events to respray the containers used by it’s customers for trading at events. Many of the containers had been modified away from their original storage usage, with service hatches and other modifications made to them to serve their new purpose, and as such, look […]

Cambridge Cladding Respray

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by the customer to respray the entrance way of their offices, which was beginning to show signs of wear and tear and weathering. UV light from the sun can fade and discolour paints over time. Project preparation… Every project, no matter how small, receives a thorough onsite inspection. […]

New Cross Hospital Cladding Repairs

What the Customer wanted… We were contacted by London-based New Cross Hospital to repair and respray panels which had been damaged during recent renovations. Project Preparation… Every project receives a thorough on-site inspection to ensure we get an accurate feel for the job, as well as determining any possible access problems, which may inhibit our […]

Shopping Centre Window Respray

Shopping Centre Window Frame Respray

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by the management of the Oldham based shopping centre, which was undergoing refurbishment. We were asked to quote to respray the interior and exterior window and door frames of the entire building, also known as curtain walling. Curtain walling respraying not only gives improved visual appeal, it is […]

Galvanised Staircase Paint Spraying

Galvanised Staircase Spraying

What the Customer Wanted… Following the installation of a new exterior galvanised staircase and railings, we were asked to spray the staircase to match the existing railings. Project Preparation… All projects, no matter how large or small, undergo a thorough site survey. Not only does this allow us to accurately quote for the work, leaving […]

Homebase Entrance Respray

Homebase Entrance Respray (Complete)

What the Customer Wanted… Following an upgrade to their stores, Homebase contacted CJ Paint Spraying to respray the doors of one of its stores from the traditional ‘corporate green’ to a more upmarket grey, raising the profile of its store entrance.  An ongoing maintenance programs allows our customers to enhance their properties at the same […]

Shop Entrance Respray

Door and Window Respray

WHAT THE CUSTOMER WANTED… We were contacted by the customer to respray the doors and window frames of their store entrance. These are high footfall areas, and often become damaged and worn by the sheer number of people passing through. WHAT WE DID… All projects, even relatively small jobs like this, require an on-site inspection. […]

Industrial Unit Respray

Repair detail – After

What the Customer Wanted… The customer contacted CJ Paint Spraying to make repairs and respray a remote electrical substation. Ongoing maintenance programmes save money in the long term, ensuring repairs are minor and use of replacement components are kept to a minimum. What We Did… On the face of it, there was nothing about this […]

Are You Covered For Storm-Related Building Damage?

Storm Damage

Now that storms Ciara and Dennis have passed us by, building managers the UK over are no doubt assessing the resulting damage and what repairs need to be carried out. It’s possible that you will be able to make claims on your insurance to cover you for the damage that has been done, but note […]