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Case Study – On Site Spraying Nottingham

on site spraying

What The Client Wanted Recently one of our clients from Nottingham enquired with us about an on site spraying respray job that needed doing on a Unit. The job included painting the attached cladding elevations in an approved cladding spray system. This needed to be done on the front, sides and rear of the building. […]

How bird droppings can affect paintwork

Bird on roof

When it comes to external paint one of the main things we have no control over is when a bird decides to relieve itself all over your commercial property. Bird droppings can have a significant impact on the way your outer building fades and corrodes, here we tell you all about the effects and a […]

Ikea – Repair and Respray

Ikea Repair and Respray

What The Client Wanted The client, unfortunately, crashed a forklift into some panels which needed a massive repair urgently. What We Did Our guys have gone in during the night after closing hours to carry out the repair. To ensure it is structurally sound we had to be on site for three nights as there […]

Why does paint damage and flake?

Peeling Paint

Have you ever spent an extended period of time trying to get the perfect finish on your paintwork to find after a couple of months the paint damages and bubbles? We’re going to discuss with you why you get paint damage and potential ways to prevent this from happening in the future. How is paint […]

Why Does Paint Bubble?

Why Does Paint Bubble

If you’re trying to say that you have painted a building or a section without blistering paint, then I’m afraid you’re lying. Unfortunately, every tradesmen has blistered paint at some stage in their lives, and granted – it isn’t something you should shout about. So why exactly does it happen? Let’s have a look shall […]

Items for Booth Spraying

Off Site Airless Spraying Booth

Booth spraying is a private spray painting booth that can be mobile but is usually restricted to a particular site. In most circumstances, it tends to be metal based materials and items that are coated in booths. However, there has been occasions for car body panels to be resprayed too. Just like I mentioned above, […]

Waterloo Station

Waterloo Station Featured

What The Client Wanted We were contacted by managers for Waterloo Station as they needed a number of internal panels repaired and completely resprayed due to some excessive damages. Due to the nature of the environment a lot of PPE was required due to spray painting in an enclosed space. What We Did A team […]