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The Effects of Bad Weather on Building Panels

Bad Weather Cladding

Unfortunately, here in the UK, we have a very different type of weather system compared to other countries across Europe. With four different seasons, the damp, cold and even sunshine can have a real impact on your buildings cladding and façade. All of which will have a range of coatings, but are any of them […]

Gym – Respray

the light lab

What The Client Wanted Our most recent client needed high and low-level panels respraying as some did not match well with the existing panels. What We Did Before we provided our client with a quote we asked for some pictures so we could get a good idea of what it was they wanted. After sending […]

Red Bull – Repair and Respray


What The Client Wanted Red Bull Racing contacted us regarding a Kingspan Micro Ribbed Panels Respray after a forklift accident left some panel damage. We only repaired and resprayed the necessary damaged areas that required work. What We Did We sent our highly qualified micro rib panel specialist to the sight to repair the damaged […]

Bernard Matthew Food Safe

Bernard Matthews

What The Client Wanted The client was after a coating specialist who could provide a food safe panel repair. They recently have inspections taking place so needed the coating to meet food safety regulations. What We Did Our guys went in to repair all marks, scratches and dents to panels. The client needed our colour […]

Repair & Respray food safe panels

London Client Food Safe Panel Repair

What The Client Wanted The London based client needed their food safe panels repaired and resprayed. Panelling had previously been damaged and needed colour matching to match existing interior. What We Did The team worked hard to ensure all damages were repaired to a high standard. Our high trained respray team are able to colour […]

5 Reasons Why Your Buildings Panels are Fading

Yellow Warehouse

Just like many businesses in the UK, the buildings are open to the elements and become extremely vulnerable to the inconsistent weather conditions. As a result, facilities managers and business owners find that their buildings are becoming faded and paintwork begins to flake away. Fortunately, understanding how a building can be protected can go a […]

Kingspan Panel Repairs

Kingspan, Ipswich

Prior to conducting repairs on Kingspan Panels, it is imperative to ensure that the surface has been cleaned and then left to dry. Surface preparation is a key part of cladding panel repairs and should not be overlooked. In addition, where possible, preparation should be undertaken by specialist contractors. Collected below is an outline of […]