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What is powder coating on shop fronts?

Powder Coatings Milton Keynes

Want to make your shop front stand out? Try a powder coating option to give your shop front an eye catching finish. What is Powder Coating? Powder coating is a dry finishing process that has become extremely popular since its introduction in the 1960s. It can be used on a wide array of products, but […]

Is powder coating better than painting?

Powder Coatings Milton Keynes

Duality has existed since the beginning of everything, interweaved in the very fabric of nature. Some of this duality receives a lot of public attention while the rest is subtle, emerging only as it becomes more important in certain situations. The sheet metal fabrication business, for instance, witnesses grudge matches between the most ideal finishing […]

Which is Better – Powder Coating or Painting?

powder coatings

Surface finishing is essential for the practical use of reactive metals like ductile iron and carbon steel. When left unprotected, the iron in these metals reacts with oxygen to form rust. This means that colorful exteriors are not just decorative – they are functional barriers that prevent corrosion. Metal parts can be finished with either […]

London Powder Coating Panel Repairs


What The Client Wanted Our recent project involved repaired, coating and respraying Kingspan cladding panels in London. What We Did Powder Coatings are a cost-efficient alternative to on-site spraying using high-quality polyester coatings which offer great durability. Our recent respray was using RAL 7016 grey powder coating. Services We Provided The Client Powder Coatings Images […]

Powder Coating Panels And Windows

powder coating panels and windows

What The Client Wanted Our most recent client was looking to have their panels and windows powder coated, as they started to look tired and old. So we helped with our powder coatings service. What We Did To ensure all the panels looked brand new our specialist coatings team attended site before carrying out any […]

Powder Coating Door Repair

powder coatings doors

What The Client Wanted After some scratches and dents where made to this building’s exterior doors, this specific client needed a company to repair the damages and perform a powder coating application. What We Did Our CJ Paint Spraying team firstly attended the site to assess the damage to the doors and perform a colour match. […]

Limited Addition Aston Martin

Aston Martin

What The Client Wanted The client needed their limited edition Aston Martin part resprayed to look brand new. What We Did We completed a powder coating respray using a full gloss 9005. All work completed in one day! The Client’s Feedback “We couldn’t find anyone to spray our limited edition part, after taking CJ Paint Spraying […]

Why Powder Coatings Fade

Faded Powder Coatings

Over time powder coated materials and substrates such as window frames, doors, cladding panels and facades will naturally show signs of fading. The speed in which those materials deteriorate will depend on how they are treated and protected against harsh weather conditions. This guide discusses exactly why powder coatings fade and what you can do […]

Powder Coating Window Spraying

Powder Coating Window Spraying

What The Client Wanted The client had contacted a range of coating companies to match the colour of their exterior windows. The colour previously used was a Swedish colour which you is manufactured in the UK. What We Did Here at CJ Paint Spraying, we have can formulate our own colour in-house. After visiting the […]

On Site Powder Coatings

Powder Coating Project

What The Client Wanted Our client was located in London and requested a site survey to powder coat the existing panels on site. They requested that the new coating meet the existing colour scheme so a colour match was necessary. What We Did Before you could complete any of the coatings, we needed to complete […]