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The benefits of commercial building refurbishment

Commercial Property

A common problem commercial buildings are having is that they love the location of where their premises are but think they need a new one because it’s outdated or no longer suits their business needs or requirements. There are many other reasons why you may think your business needs a new property but have you […]

9 Construction Contracts You Need To Consider Before Agreeing Any Work

Types of Construction Contracts

There are always at least two questions that facilities managers ask contractors before work is completed: Number one, they want to know how much the work is going to cost them. Number two, how long is the work going to take to complete? These are two very important questions. However, there are a couple of […]

5 Reasons Why Your Spraying Business is Failing

Spraying technicians on access cables

Paint spraying is a pretty straight forward concept. Assess the damage, prepare the area and complete a full refurbishment. Use these 5 reasons why your spraying business is failing to make your business perform to best of its ability. Of course, we know more than anyone that it isn’t always that easy but there are […]

We Are Specialists In Industrial Window Frame Refurbishments

Due to the financial downturn that has affected many businesses operating within the industrial sector over the last few years, entities have been looking for cost effective means of uplifting their buildings. One of the key ways in which these entities have succeeded in increasing the aesthetics of their buildings and how their business is […]