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Jet Cleaning and Repair

blast cleaning repair

What The Client Wanted We recently visited a client who needed their exterior cladding cleaned, repaired and resprayed. As you can see from some of the images parts of the coating which had been applied previously has started to pull away from the cladding panels as well as cracking. What We Did Firstly, we had […]

Macclesfield – Repair and Respray


What The Client Wanted Our most recent client had noticed damaged sections of their ribbed exterior cladding panels. The section of panelling was small, therefore only required one man’s work. What We Did Before the panels could be repaired one of our contracts managers attended site to ensure we could send out a specialist repair […]

Boston – Repair and Respray


What The Client Wanted This client wanted his roller shutters repaired and resprayed at his unit. We last carried out works for this particular client 4 months ago on another unit and he was so impressed with the previous work we produced that he instructed us again. What We Did We firstly hired access in […]

Sports Direct – Repair and Respray

Featured Sports direct

What The Client Wanted The latest client asked us to perform a Kingspan panel repair and respray. They wanted us to repair the store front’s signage, the dents all along the panelling and then respray the repaired dents. What We Did We have, so far, repaired the sign, filled in the damages in the paneling […]

Signage – Repair and Respray

Signage Repair and Respray

What The Client Wanted Client requested us to attend site and assist in the refurbishment of this building holding three shop units. What We Did The cladding previously had signage put up on the cladding which had been removed as part of the refurbishment project. We are currently on site carrying out repairs to the […]

Red Bull – Repair and Respray


What The Client Wanted Red Bull Racing contacted us regarding a Kingspan Micro Ribbed Panels Respray after a forklift accident left some panel damage. We only repaired and resprayed the necessary damaged areas that required work. What We Did We sent our highly qualified micro rib panel specialist to the sight to repair the damaged […]

KIA Garage Repair and Respray

KIA Milton Keynes

What The Client Wanted We were contacted by KIA’s Bletchley showroom after we completed separate works at their Wolverton branch. The site in question was an entirely new premise, set in a prime location and needed the building to stand out and catch the attention of passing vehicles. Before occupying the unit, it was previously […]

Slough – Repair and Respray


What The Client Wanted The client contacts CJ Paint Spraying after noticing rust below the cladding. What We Did Our team went to assess the damage and rust by carrying out a survey of the cladding. We then deployed a team to carry out repairs including rust treatment and respraying of the cladding panels. The Client’s […]

Ikea – Repair and Respray

Ikea Repair and Respray

What The Client Wanted The client, unfortunately, crashed a forklift into some panels which needed a massive repair urgently. What We Did Our guys have gone in during the night after closing hours to carry out the repair. To ensure it is structurally sound we had to be on site for three nights as there […]

Salisbury – Repair and Respray


What The Client Wanted The client needed a contractor that could provide repairs on existing panelling. They also needed the panels sprayed once fixed. What We Did Our guys went in to patch up any damage to the current panels, after filling and repairing we colour matched the paintwork. All work had been completed in […]