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London Office Ceiling Respray

Office ceiling respray completed project

What the customer wanted… We were contacted by the property manager of an office development in London to freshen up their commercial premises with a ceiling respray. An aged, discoloured ceiling can make a room appear dull and dingy, and less able to reflect natural daylight, making it necessary to use artificial lighting more often. […]

KFC Rollout Continues

KFC Exterior Respray

What the Customer Wanted… CJ Paint Spraying are pleased to reveal the latest in the rollout of restaurant interior and exterior resprays for KFC. The rollout creates a more modern theme for KFC, and also acts as an ongoing maintenance program for the organisation. WHAT WE DID… The works consisted of respraying the external window […]

Should I Roll or Spray my Ceiling?

metal ceiling spraying During Repair

Roller or sprayer for painting walls in your home? It is a tough choice. Paint spraying is fast, but only after you conclude with the extensive preparation work. Rolling is slower, but it lays down more of a quality coat then spraying does. Using a Roller If you care only about the quality of the […]

Creating special interior effect for restaurants and retail establishments

metal effect wall

The aesthetic of a store or restaurant can often have a significant impact on whether customers come to your location. So, it’s imperative to think about the interior design of your restaurant or retail establishment. One of the best ways to make your store or food location look that bit more luxurious is to look […]

On-Site Spraying Services For The Retail Sector

Engineering Labs

Often when working for our clients based in the retail sector we have to carry out our work on-site in a live environment. This is most commonly the case when the work we are performing is a new build program, a refurbishment or part of on-going maintenance work. Frequently our on-site spraying services which are […]